42 Opinions I Have That Conservatives Might Hate

I posted a story on my Instagram saying that for every like I’d share an opinion of mine that’s unpopular on the political right. I realized I actually don’t have that many opinions about anything, and truly had to rack my brain to come up with these. Before you get mad at me, ask yourself who’s more trustworthy: the person who always tells you what you want to hear or the one that will tell you when you’re wrong and when you look like đź’©

General Stupidity/Hypocrisy

  1. A lot of conservatives are just as bad as their liberal counterparts with regurgitating talking points without understanding what they’re saying or why. Maybe it’s just human nature, but it still annoys me to no end
  2. The right contradicts itself a lot. For example, you’ll have people complaining about how they shouldn’t have to praise or validate someone’s personal choices referring to the LGBT community and then on the other hand they’re complaining that women aren’t praised enough for becoming mothers or choosing to stay at home with their children. It’s a whirlwind
  3. I don’t know if I’d go as far to say the right has just as many dumbasses as the Left, but it’s a close race. I remember seeing someone post a story about how they missed a President that represented traditional family values, referring to Donald Trump…a man with five children from three baby mamas and twice divorced
  4. I don’t call myself conservative anymore because dweebs on the Internet spend too much time arguing over the term, and it’s not productive at all
  5. Right wingers pick the most bizarre hills to die on. For example Columbus Day…I get it if you’re Italian I guess but the way I saw people lionizing him was weird. Like, it’s okay to have neutral opinions on some things, you don’t have to take an aggressive stance on every single issue
  6. There are a lot of sensitive crybabies on the right that are looking for their own version of a safe space


  1. A lot of people on the right treat Christianity like a trend and it makes me really uncomfortable
  2. On that note, a lot of conservative influencers (and politicians) are using Christianity to pander to their audiences
  3. I don’t get the energy that some Christians have for gay marriage. Like I understand what the Bible says about marriage but if gay marriage shouldn’t be legal, should divorce for any reason other than adultery be illegal? Should it be illegal for divorcées to remarry until their spouse dies? 
  4. I know the Bible tells women to dress modestly but a lot of the Christian conservatives that talk the most spitefully about immodestly dressed women aren’t doing it from a place of righteous judgment or trying to help anyone in their walk with God
  5. Also 85% of the women with the most to say about immodestly dressed women (calling them whores with no self respect etc etc) could not pull it off if they wanted to. Very easy to be modest if you’re built like the Michelin man or have National Geographic danglers! 
  6. A lot of the very loud proponents for traditional values online make that lifestyle look the least appealing. Like it’s always the girls posting pictures and saying nothing that make you think God PLEASE give me my husband so I can move to the backwoods and buy goats. But the girlies going on daily rants about why you should REBEL against society by making a SANDWICH for your husband are the ones that make me think wait…nvm


  1. Speaking in general terms, right wingers outside of the Fox Barbie category dress like shit
  2. At least 70% of the right has no taste in art
  3. Most people on the right also have zero analytical or critical thinking skills when it comes to art, cinema, etc. Shows like Fleabag, Sex and the City and GIRLS all validate the conservative worldview, but instead of watching mindfully, people reflexively reject these shows because they see a name like “Lena Dunham” attached to the project. If you don’t want to watch something profane that’s fine, but just because a show features sex scenes doesn’t mean that’s all it’s about.


  1. I understand that a lot of people addicted to opioids were originally prescribed painkillers by doctors…but a lot of them weren’t, and the difference in the right’s response to the opioid epidemic vs the crack epidemic is…interesting to say the least. When black people were ODing, it was “just say no,” but now that white people are, why does the blame go to everyone but the drug users?
  2. A lot of conservatives only started to take the concept of racism seriously when it started affecting white people on a large scale, and think there “has to be some reasonable explanation” whenever there’s some viral story about racism against a black or Hispanic person, but don’t wait for any extra background when there’s a story about racism against white people
  3. Affirmative action is definitely a problem, I don’t think affirmative action should exist anymore, but it’s funny that some conservatives act like only minorities benefited from it when a lot of studies going up to like 2016 showed that white women benefited the most from affirmative action
  4. I think reparations would do more harm than good, I don’t know how it would be practically applied, and it would only further divide our country when it’s in desperate need of unity, but I don’t think it’s a preposterous idea in and of itself – especially when the government pays descendents of Holocaust victims for something that didn’t even take place on U.S. soil


City Life vs. Rural Life

  1. There’s nothing wrong with having right of center views and living in a city or enjoying “cosmopolitan” things!!!! I will not apologize for drinking $15 cocktails!!!! Being able to walk to grocery stores and bars is great!!!!
  2. Cities can be gorgeous and the country can be gorgeous but most suburbs are aesthetically revolting (particularly if most of the houses in it were built after 2000)
  3. I understand the reflex to run off to the country and start a homestead, and you’re better off in the middle of nowhere producing/raising your own food than in a city…but the communists aren’t going to leave you alone in Idaho, or West Virginia, or South Dakota. This isn’t a fight that can be run from. You can stall, but it’s eventually going to find its way to your front door – no matter where you are
  4. I have a lot of respect for self reliant people and would like to be self reliant one day, but people on the right that grew up extremely comfortably romanticize the off the grid lifestyle like it isn’t grueling manual labor lol
  5. It’s also idiotic to tell young single people to flee the city and move to BFE where they’ll have no eligible dates for 50 square miles…leading me to my next topic


  1. The younger people find their spouses, the better, but people should not “marry young” just for the hell of it in the same way that they shouldn’t go to college and into debt for the hell of it. These are serious decisions that will affect them for the rest of their lives
  2. There are few bigger and brighter red flags than men aggressively marketing themselves as alpha or women aggressively marketing themselves as feminine. Those traits speak for themselves, and the more often someone has to remind you that they have them, the more I think “they aren’t who they claim to be” and “there’s something wrong with them”
  3. I would rather die alone than marry I’m someone I’m not in love with
  4. I don’t know why some people on the right feel the need to lie to themselves or others about reality. I’ve seen a lot of people acting like partying and drinking and hanging out with your friends is a miserable experience and every moment of parenthood from conception forward is some kind of ethereal experience. Have a candid conversation with literally any parent and it’s obvious that’s not true. It shouldn’t be hard to say partying is fun but there’s more to life than that, and the most fulfilling experiences of your life will come from raising a family even though it won’t always be a walk in the park.
  5. Some people are better off settling, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but being married is not a flex if you settled…and a lot of conservatives did
  6. The idea that you shouldn’t bump uglies unless you want to bring a child into the world is unhinged to me. Like, I get saying that people should wait for marriage, but the idea that two married people should only have sex if they’re ready for another kid is absolute crackpot logic


  1. I don’t want any influencers running for office. Some of them actually contribute a lot to the movement and they’re not all bad but the majority of them are very much so driven by ego and vanity. You could argue that worked for Trump but he’s the exception not the rule, we already have enough narcissists in Washington 
  2. I understand using inflammatory rhetoric as an engagement/growth tool on social media, but I hate it. Like is it that hard to come up with original thoughts or be genuinely interesting? 
  3. There are only two genders but there’s nothing interesting or edgy about tweeting some version of that every other week


  1. America shouldn’t be giving money to any foreign countries 
  2. While I understand that some Democrat policies are explicitly pro-pedophile (especially considering the nomination and confirmation of notoriously pro-pedo KBJ) pedophilia isn’t partisan. Sick, depraved perverts walk among us on the right, and that can’t be politicized, ignored or downplayed
  3. Libertarians are actually right about some things. Populists are right about some things. I can’t think of anything neocons are right about…but there has to be something. But if the right was controlled by one faction it would immediately become overrun with insufferable psychos and probably destroy the country.
  4. It’s actually good for people that share similar political views to have a wide array of lifestyles, interests, backgrounds, etc. There’s nothing wrong with being from a small town, marrying your high school sweetheart, listening to country music, going to church every Sunday and having 5 kids but there’s nothing wrong with other people on your side having completely different stories.
  5. “I paid off my student loans so everyone else should suffer like I did” is not a winning message, the right should focus more on how student loan “forgiveness” will only exacerbate inflation
  6. I loved Donald Trump and if it came down to it, I’d vote for him again, but a real leader would have pardoned the innocent people wrongfully imprisoned protesting on his behalf
  7. I don’t know where I stand on plastic surgery or cosmetic enhancements, but something feels weird listening to someone tell me “God doesn’t make mistakes” and “His design is perfect” with a face full of filler and botox
  8. There’s nothing wrong with saving money but it’s hard for me to take some Republicans seriously when they talk about “personal responsibility” seriously if they’re in their mid-20s or older still living off their parents
  9. I would never go vegan and I firmly believe the human body needs meat to thrive but vegan food can be really good











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