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15 Always Sunny Halloween Costumes That Require Relatively Low Effort

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is one of the funniest shows ever recorded in the history of television — full stop. The first time I watched it was junior year of college, and my roommates would constantly hear hysterical laughter coming from my room. With a show with such nutty plot lines and eccentric characters, there’s a lot of untapped potential for Always Sunny inspired Halloween costumes. Granted, these are pretty niche for Halloween costumes, but people with taste will appreciate the effort. Some of these can be done solo, some of these work best for couples and some of these are best for groups. If I had time to meticulously go through every single episode for this list, it would probably be at least twice as long, but there’s always next year for a part 2. 


1. Gang goes Jihad

What you’ll need: Camo jackets, table cloths

Effort required: low

2. Retarded sister, recovering crackhead

What you’ll need:

Dee: bike helmet, denim jacket

Dennis: casual blazer, t shirt

Effort required: Low

3. Tasty treats

What you need:

Dennis: button up, sweater to wrap around your shoulders like a yuppie

Mac: striped shirt, blazer

Effort Required: Low

4. Green man, eagles try outs

 What you’ll need:

Mac & Dennis: Eagles jerseys

Charlie: full green suit OR all green outfit

Effort required: low – medium (finding a full green suit on short notice can be relatively difficult)

5. Fat Mac

What you’ll need: Hawaiian shirt*, trash bag, Taco bell wrappers 

* even though he isn’t wearing a Hawaiian shirt in this shot, true fans will know it more accurately captures the episode

Effort required: Low

6. The Night Man Cometh

What you’ll need:

Dee: pink dress and tiara

Frank: elf ears, witch nose, brown robe and pants

Charlie: yellow suit, extra points for cane

Mac: over the top black eye shadow/liner, all black outfit

Dennis: silver/gray jumpsuit, black underwear

Effort required: high

7. Charlie goes America all over everyone’s asses 

What you’ll need: American flag bandana, denim jacket, no smoking sign

Effort required: Low

8. McPoyles

What you’ll need: robes, long t shirts, drawn on unibrows, fake warts and a milk carton if you want to go the extra mile

Effort required: low

9. Psycho Clown + Painter

What you’ll need: 

Dee: full clown costume OR really colorful clothes with clown hat and makeup

Dennis: full painter costume OR all white outfit with surgical mask and hat

Effort required: high

10. Handsome companion Dennis + Frank the pimp

What you’ll need:

Frank: thick chain, fedora, rings, pimp chalace, for extra points add an obnoxious fur coat*

Dennis: unbuttoned shirt, thin chain

Effort required: low – medium; you should be able to get these for under $40 at a Party City or a department store the day of Halloween

11. Birds of war

What you’ll need: eagle mask, camo shorts, bird wings OR a white feather boa

Effort required: Medium – high

12. Desert rose

Red dress, green stalkings, rose for hair

Effort required: low

13. Classy trash men

What you’ll need: Tuxes, trash bags

Effort required: high…I mean, you’ll need a tux so…

14. Casual millionaire + limo driver

What you’ll need:

Charlie: Cowboy hat, denim shirt

Frank: Driver hat, suit

15. Pepper Jack + Dennis + Dee

What you’ll need:

Dennis: puffy winter jacket, thermos

Dee: skimpy black dress, black knee high boots

Pepper Jack: fedora, suit



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