When Only Fans Girls Like Nala Ray Find Christ

Nothing I’m about to say should be surprising or controversial, but as the internet continues to push people away from nuance and towards ideological extremism and obsession, it might be.


A wildly successful ex Only Fans star that went by Nala Ray has converted to Christianity, and as her story has gained traction and made the rounds on Twitter, I don’t think I’ve seen a single assessment that I can wholeheartedly agree with…hence me writing this blog post.


It seems like most of the right wing discourse is either condemning her as an irredeemable “grifter” or pretending that Christ’s redemption means a life free of consequences, and they’re both dead wrong.


Growing up, I was under the impression that all sin was equal. That whether you lied to get out of a parking ticket or murdered someone, it was the same in God’s eyes. Since reviving my walk with God, I don’t know if I believe that’s true anymore, and need to spend more time in scripture to come to a conclusion I’m comfortable sharing. But sin is sin – and Christians have a bad habit of fixating on sensational sins while overlooking the more discreet ones.


I’m just as guilty as anyone. Modesty and vanity are some of my greatest struggles as a Christian, and I know that when I wear certain outfits and post certain pictures, I’m in sin. But even knowing how much work I have to do and how imperfect I am, when I see these clips of Only Fans girls on the Whatever podcast, I feel like God can’t possibly see me the way He sees them. And while I’ll never excuse or defend sex work, I know I need to humble myself – and a lot of other Christians do too. We’re all sinners, and God hates all of it. Telling ourselves He hates someone else’s sin more than He hates ours isn’t drawing us any closer to Him.


When I was 17, a trusted adult in my life suggested I become a “cam girl” (AKA an Only Fans girl before Only Fans existed). They sent me a contact and everything. They said it was easy money, that I could get rich, that I could get paid to do what other girls do for free. And as a functionally retarded teenager, I considered it. But luckily by the time my 18th birthday rolled around and I was actually eligible for that “work,” despite being dumb enough to vote for Obama, something in my gut told me not to do it.


And remember, this was after one person suggesting it. I’m forever grateful that I didn’t grow up as an impressionable, gullible teenager on Tik Tok, constantly bombarded with prostitutes portraying it not as a dangerous and soul crushing last resort, but a low effort life of leisure and glamor.


Naive adolescents with underdeveloped iPad brains are being desensitized and groomed on a massive scale, with girls creating Only Fans accounts the day they turn 18, with no understanding of the permanent scarlet letter they’re burning into their digital footprint. It’s tragic.


As Christians, I believe we should challenge ourselves to treat these women with as much compassion and grace as we can. We should challenge ourselves to see them the way that Jesus does: children of God capable of redemption no matter how far they’ve strayed.


That being said, we can’t conflate God’s forgiveness with social amnesia.


I genuinely don’t know what the Bible says about this, but something that’s always bothered me is the idea that because someone has been forgiven by God, they’re automatically forgiven by the people they’ve wronged, or absolved of all responsibility for their actions. I still have to explore scripture on this, but I feel like someone that was truly redeemed would recognize the wrong they’ve done and hold themselves accountable for it instead of using Christianity as a shield from criticism of their past.


God’s forgiveness is a miracle. It gives us a chance at life after death that we don’t deserve. But that blank slate is between you and Him, not you and your family, not you and your friends, not you and the Internet.


We aren’t God. And while we’re commanded to forgive, we will never be able to forget like our Father.


My heart breaks for the stereotypical Only Fans performers, numb to extreme perversion, boasting of depravity, either too blind to recognize the degradation they’ve subjected themselves to, or worse, aware of it but feeling trapped for one reason or another in a pornographic prison.


I hope they find Christ, and I hope they find kindness – especially among Christians.


But our sins don’t happen in a vacuum. 


We have to live with the fallout of our actions even after God has forgiven us for them. 


Not everyone will accept you. Not everyone will believe you. Not everyone will forgive you.  And if they aren’t Christian, they really have no obligation to. That’s reality, and it’s not changing.


The world may look at a former Only Fans model, and see a permanently destroyed whore. And I’m sure it hurts, but thank God it’s not what actually matters. Thank God that truth comes from the King of Kings, and not every self appointed social commentator with Internet access and an Amazon mic. 


It’s so easy for Christians to fall into a trap of either feel good, self-obsessed, surface level spirituality using cherry picked scriptures about treating others well and reserving judgment or a rigid, self righteous sanctimony, obsessed with punishment, and I think this is a symptom of that.


All I know about Nala Ray are from short videos that circulated social media; one from the Whatever podcast where she proclaimed her affinity for sodomy and adultery, and one where she sat down with Michael Knowles sharing her testimony. I don’t know her heart, and I don’t know her intentions. Neither do the people attacking her so viciously or defending her so zealously. What I will say is that I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Jesus spent so much of His time on Earth among the “untouchables” and so-called dregs of society, and we need to remember that. I think God reserves some of the most powerful demonstrations of His greatness for the people everyone else has given up on.



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