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Why I’m Not Taking It

This is my earnest attempt to explain why I haven’t taken the vaccine, and why I now have no intention to. I’ll start off by saying that I’ve done a terrible job of keeping track of all the articles and data I’ve come across because I’ve seen so much of it. My goal is to start updating the “What I’m Reading” section of my blog more frequently so it’s easier to share. This isn’t a research paper or a thesis; this is my rationale. Do with it what you will.


  • First thing’s first, the vaccine wasn’t a partisan issue for me. I was impressed with Operation Warp Speed, but even though the vaccine was developed during the Trump administration, I wasn’t intending to take it. I’ve had the same stance since the vaccines were originally developed – and a lot of the libs shilling for Big Pharma these days can’t say the same. I really, really, really want to have kids of my own some day. I don’t know if I want it enough to do it on my own if I never get married, but I do know I want it, so much so that I got my fertility tested last year because I was so anxious. Luckily, everything looked great, and I shouldn’t run into any issues. I’ve learned a lot about fertility and the things that affect it over the past few years, and I wasn’t going to do anything that put it at risk. Women who took the vaccine and spent significant time around vaccinated people started reporting changes in their periods, and the media either flat-out denied it or told them it didn’t matter. I knew it did, and I knew we were being gaslit like a college girl dating a drummer. That’s when I think my decision went from “maybe after it’s been out for 5 years or more” to I’m never putting this shit in my body.




  • On that note, I realized a while ago that the medical industry and the media around it frequently distorts the truth. I’ve never been on birth control, but doctors give it out like candy and insist it’s a magical cure all for women that doesn’t negatively impact reproductive health. They also claim that abortions don’t impact reproductive health, but literally the first questions they ask you when you’re getting your fertility tested are if you’ve been on birth control and if you’ve had an abortion. Now, we’re seeing fat people on the cover of magazines and being told we can be “healthy at any size.” I’m not going to trust any institution or publication that obviously thinks I’m an idiot.



  • In almost every last one of these fearmongering news stories about some “young, healthy” unvaxxed person dying, you click on the article and they’re 400 lbs. If this had anything to do with health they wouldn’t have closed gyms for a disease deadliest for the obese.


  • Vaccinated people are still getting and spreading COVID. People claim the point is to mitigate symptoms and prevent hospitalization, but if you’re under 50 and in decent health, you have a low likelihood of severe symptoms or hospitalization in the first place. My body and immune system have already proven to me that they can take care of me. I’ve been living my life since June of 2020 when bars and restaurants reopened at limited capacity in Virginia. I don’t wear a mask unless a store employee asks me too. Last year I basically lived in airports; I was back and forth between Florida all summer, I traveled to Aruba, Dallas, Texas hill country, Pennsylvania, Charleston, Boston, Phoenix and Virginia. I saw Kaskade, Diplo, Steve Aoki, David Guetta, Zedd and Hall & Oates in concert at packed venues that weren’t taking any COVID precautions. I’ve been going to events, bars and restaurants since 2020, and I’ve never had it. I’m not taking a vaccine I clearly don’t need to give people some kind of false sense of safety.


  • I’ve seen people (including medical professionals, one of them deeply involved in the development of mRNA vaccines) kicked off of social media for sharing legitimate information about the vaccine and COVID – only for the CDC and the sociopaths in our government to admit they were right months down the line. When giant corporations are trying to control our access to information, I’m not going to trust them with my health.


  • So far, the “conspiracy theorists” have been right and ahead of the curve about everything COVID related. They were right about the lab in Wuhan. They were right about COVID internment camps. They were right about vaccine passports. They were right about the COVID deaths being inflated. They’re batting 1,000 and at this point they’re a more reliable source than anyone in our government.


  • The FDA doesn’t care about you, and never has. Seriously. If you want to talk about “misinformation,” there’s no entity as guilty or pathological as the FDA. Contrary to popular belief, raw milk is one of the best things for your body, and the FDA has waged an all out war on it, but is fine with almost everything Americans consume being cooked in motor oil. They’ve approved drugs that have caused tumors in children, heart disease, heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure, cardiac arrest and more. Their approval means less to me than an ethnic studies degree.


  • Midwits keep saying “vaccine requirements have been around forever, what’s the big deal???” but that’s not really true at all. Every state but California and New York has room for religious and philosophical exemptions, and those requirements are mostly for public schools and international travel; not whether or not you’re allowed to participate in society.


  • Yes, as a child with no agency, I received plenty of vaccines that had been around for decades. I don’t know why people think this is some kind of “gotcha.” It’s also incredibly entertaining watching liberals compare COVID vaccines to the polio vaccine. They’re comparing a disease that paralyzes you to something that’s a mild flu for the vast majority of the population, and a vaccine that was developed (and recalled multiple times) over the course of 20 years to vaccines that were developed in under a year.


  • People act like if you make any unhealthy choices like consuming alcohol or junk food, you don’t have the right to question the vaccine. But no one has ever been forced to choose between their livelihood and their basic rights and a cheesy gordita crunch. To an extent, we understand the risks we take when we make a lot of unhealthy choices. We still don’t know exactly what we have to gain or lose from the vaccine, or from COVID.



  • The people in charge of this country are at best inept morons and at worst genocidal maniacs, and I genuinely and unironically will always trust vibes more than the government. Nothing about this feels normal or right. From the dead eyed-celebrities and talk show hosts releasing the cringiest songs I’ve ever heard to the constantly shifting goal posts, I’m going to follow my intuition.



  • An Australian journalist literally recorded a video of herself in a hospital bed looking like a reanimated corpse bc the vaccine gave her prericarditis (heart inflammation), urging other people to still get it. This is mass formation psychosis if I’ve ever seen it, and I won’t be a part of it.


  • The healthiest people I know in real life and online haven’t taken it, and I’m a lot more inclined to follow their lead on something like this, that, to my knowledge, can’t be undone.


  • People claim most of the research for it was “already done” but why did everyone say Trump was lying when he talked about Operation Warp Speed? Why did we shut down our economy and lives for a year? How did we have “most of the research done” before we had the disease? Most of the research done was on how mRNA vaccines treated rabies and heart disease. Cool, glad that’s working, but a vaccine technology being “safe” doesn’t mean every vaccine that uses it is.


When it comes down to it, they lied to us for a year about COVID, and it isn’t farfetched at all to believe they’re lying about the vaccines now.


There’s a Thomas Sowell quote that goes something like “there are some ideas so stupid you’d have to go to college to believe them,” and we’re living it. Everything we’re being told about COVID and vaccines flies directly in the face of what we’re living, but people aren’t questioning it. If you’ve been listening to Fauci and the CDC, I understand the urge you probably have to Google something, and reassure yourself with intentionally curated propaganda that there’s no way I’m right, but at this point, I’d hope you’re smarter than that. If you looked up “can vaccinated people spread COVID” in July of this year, you’d see a CNN article, a Bloomberg article, and a Snopes article all promising you that was just a paranoid lie made up by science-denying extremists.


If someone can get you to believe absurdities, they can get you to commit atrocities. If they can convince you that politicians and corporations have a right to medically rape people in the name of “safety,” they can convince you to do just about anything. If you support vaccine mandates or passports, you’re the kind of person that made major historical tragedies possible, and I suggest you take a long, hard look in the mirror.



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