Maybe I Was Wrong About Pride

I’ve always had a soft spot for the gays, and in hindsight I think it’s because I related to them on some level. I grew up in a very strict church where I never felt like I fit in or could be myself. Even when my mother was still choosing my outfits, it seemed like every other week there was some bitter old woman scolding me about what I was wearing. As much as I loved church as a kid, after a certain point it seemed like from the second I set foot in the building I was counting down the minutes until it was time to leave.


I knew what it felt like to be rejected and ostracized and feel like you were the bad kind of “different.” So even after my political transformation that took me from streaking down a hallway in celebration of Obama’s reelection my freshman year to campaigning for Ted Cruz my senior year, my views on gay marriage never really changed.


I believed that businesses, individuals and organizations had the right to refuse participation in weddings that conflicted with their faiths, but I also believed that people in love should be able to get married.


I defended Pride, and was adamant that conservatives and Christians shouldn’t be threatened by it.


But I don’t know what to think anymore.


I don’t know if I was just blind, and Pride has always been what it is today or it’s morphed into something entirely different from what it once was.


What I do know is that whatever Pride is today isn’t something I can defend, applaud or even ignore.


There is no more perfect representation of the Frankenstein’s monster Pride has become than the flags flown in its honor.



What (I thought) started as something lighthearted and positive has become sinister, divisive and totalitarian. It might sound hyperbolic, but I wouldn’t be saying it if I didn’t believe it were true.


I thought Pride was standing for vulnerable people. I thought Pride was turning a source of shame and pain into something joyful and liberating. I thought of Pride as a way to acknowledge our differences – but now we’ve exalted them.


Pride isn’t a parade anymore; it’s a religion. It may pose as “social justice,” “activism” or even “inclusion” – but make no mistake: it’s a rabid cult of fanatics that want to dictate the way the rest of us live.


It’s in the White House, it’s in our military, it’s in our classrooms, it’s in our government buildings…not just in June, but 365 days a year. And the people that shriek the loudest about separation of church and state don’t seem to care at all.


An 18 year old was just arrested and charged with a felony for doing donuts over a Pride mural on the street, intentionally leaving tire marks…but where was this energy in 2020, when historical monuments and statues commemorating America and her heroes were defaced and destroyed? Where was this energy when pro-Palestine zealots were burning American flags? Why does desecration of Pride symbols garner more outrage and more serious consequences than that of our country? Why are we more protective of what divides us than what unites us?


I’m sure some might insist that he was only arrested and charged with a felony because the mural was government property or something along those lines, but that’s a bad faith argument that no serious person can believe. We all know there are two separate standards applied based on the perpetrators perceived ideological allegiance. Just think about pro-Palestine protesters and pro-abortion protesters versus January 6th protesters.


There was a time where I believed the LGBT community just wanted to live their lives in peace, with the same rights as the rest of us. Maybe that’s what the majority of them want. But the most vocal and influential leaders of their movement won’t be satisfied until the White House is turned into a bath house and every aspect of public life is designed to revolve around fetishes and mental illness.


Of course, the cult of Pride doesn’t end with gender and sexuality. That’s why they added the black and brown stripes. It’s about convincing people to stake their entire sense of self in “marginalization.” It’s about turning people from proud Americans to proud nonbinary asexual black immigrants. It’s about reducing people to the boxes they check off, but insisting that you’re “celebrating diversity” instead of mercilessly degrading them.


When I see a “progress Pride” flag flying, I don’t think even really of gay people anymore (could a gay man really be responsible for something so hideous?); I think of a political movement in direct opposition to the United States of America. I think of hostile occupation. I think of conquest.


But more than anything, I think of the people sacrificing themselves to this false idol. I think of grade schoolers being force fed propaganda they’re too young to understand or process, and directionless teenagers and young adults thinking that coming out as gay or trans will give their lives some sense of meaning, only to end up more confused and depressed than they started.


Of course, I don’t mean to imply that the only reason people come out as gay or trans is because of indoctrination…but the rise in these niche gender and sexual identities is anything but organic. Like obesity, the meteoric rise of transgender and “queer” identification in the United States — especially among Gen Z — can be attributed to social contagion.


In other words, we’ve gone too far in the other direction, we’ve turned oppression into social currency, and as a result we’re in complete and total decline.


I still have gay friends, I still care about them, and I still want them to be happy. But when Pride replaces patriotism, it becomes a problem. When Pride replaces patriotism, we get the United States military publishing commercials about a lesbian wedding and hosting trans joy seminars while China and Russia are building legions of cold-blooded killers. And it’s in the best interest of every American — gay, straight, or otherwise — that we solve this problem sooner rather than later.




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