17 Things I Want to Do Before the End of 2017

Get a job – this goes without saying, but if I don’t have a job that I actually like by the end of this year, I’m not going to be a happy camper. I know that finding a job that doesn’t suck is no walk in the park for most people, but these past three months of joblessness have been driving me insane. As much as I love my blog, it’s nowhere near what it needs to be for me to make a sizable living off of it. I miss the sense of purpose and direction that I got from work, and while I know I’m probably being dramatic, I’m afraid I’ll never have it again.

Learn how to drive – I’m not embarrassed about a lot, but I am embarrassed about the fact that I’m 23 years old and can’t drive. It’s ridiculous, and I know it, and I’m more than ready to change it.

Monetize my blog – as you all know, my end goal is to become a full time blogger. I’ve made a lot of changes that are moving me in that direction, and couldn’t be more excited for The Pretty Patriot, but I still have a long way to go and haven’t made any real money from this blog yet. When you write lengthy opinion pieces about how much you love Trump and how stupid you think everyone is versus changing diapers and reviewing makeup products, monetizing is a little harder. But with determination and intelligence, I truly believe that anything is possible. I’m determined to make this blog my full time job.

Start a YouTube channel – I have wanted to start a YouTube channel for over two years now, but continuously find every reason in the world not to. At this moment, I have multiple videos pre-recorded and ready to upload, but for some reason, I never do. I don’t know exactly what it is that I’m so afraid of, but whatever it is, I need to get over it and grow a pair.

Get a 25 inch waist – Tbh, the real goal is a 23 inch waist, but I figured that 25 was a good realistic goal when my disdain for working out and drunchies are accounted for.

Get out of BostonBoston, it’s not you; it’s me. I love you, but I just don’t think this is meant to be. Not only is it impossible for me to make friends here, but Uber Eats just got here like a month ago, and after all that waiting it doesn’t deliver to my house. I can’t live like this.

Work out 3x per week minimum – I have started to work out more, but it’s still not as consistent as I’d like it to be. I’ve come to the conclusion that mediocre mindsets and mediocre bodies all too often go hand in hand, and I don’t want to be average in any sense of the word. The discipline required to get off your ass multiple times a week and put your blood, sweat and tears into self improvement is a discipline that can easily manifest itself in every aspect of your life once mastered.

Reach 5,000 Instagram followers – I honestly have no idea how I think I’m going to do this when the year is half over and I have yet to break 1,000. Let’s hope I say something stupid enough to go viral and get me on the news.

Launch my project – I don’t want to give anything away prematurely, but I’m working on an initiative that I’ve had in my mind for years. I can’t express how excited I am to finally be bringing this idea to life and the positive change I think it can inspire.

Get a boyfriend – I’m sure this sounds goofy and desperate to plenty of people, but I’m tired of my romantic life being in limbo! I’m a lot more concerned with my professional life, but I don’t want to end up 30 and trying to convince myself or anyone else that I’m happy alone, because I know that wouldn’t be true! There are too many dried up, childless feminists 40 and depressed and I’m not trying to be one! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, this Gavin McInnes video sums it up pretty well. If you’re not used to his style, bear with him – I promise it’s worth it. I want someone to buy Brooks Brothers polos for and make cheddar biscuits for – sue me!

Read more booksa fitness blogger that I really admire said that an hour each dedicated to reading, writing and exercise on a daily basis would drastically improve anyone’s life, and I’m inclined to believe him. As someone that spends so much time giving my 2 cents, I need to absorb more – and not in 5 minute reads or tweet threads.

Become a successful freelancer – pretty self explanatory. Check out my work here.

Become less introverted – this is probably one of my biggest obstacles. My shy personality stands in the way of so many opportunities for me, and until I can actually speak up and ask for what I want, I’ll never get it.

Start playing tennis again – I played tennis for six years as a kid, and giving it up is one of my greatest regrets. It’s an amazing sport that I miss so much. As I try to get fit, I want working out to be fun. Things like Zumba and spinning make me want to kill myself, so I’d much rather get into tennis again.

Learn a new language – this is something I start and give up on an annual basis…we’ll see how it goes.

Start waking up between 5 and 6am – I’ve already talked about why I want to wake up earlier, but have made literally zero progress in making this a habit. My sleeping schedule is honestly a mess at the moment; on most days I’ll stay up until 4 or 5am involuntarily and try to make those hours as productive as possible, eventually fall asleep, and wake up around 10am. It’s weird and I hate it.

Volunteer more – I need to spend more time making sure I’m regularly contributing to causes I care about as opposed to just writing about them.



  • Kim Gilmore
    7 years ago

    Great read! I myself want to eventually make money through with my blog as well and volunteer more. We are half way through the year so we got this! 💪🏽

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