Trump Isn’t Who We Wanted But He May Be Who We Needed

This election cycle has extremely disappointed the vast majority of American voters, no matter where they stand ideologically. We have perhaps the most negative presidential campaign in the history of this nation, with both candidates’ major appeal being that they aren’t their opponent. With all of the potential that we started out with, it’s disappointing that we’ve ended up here.

To every voter – especially millennial – that has found themselves disenchanted by and disillusioned with this election, I’m with you, and I feel your pain. I gave my all to a campaign for a candidate that I thought would do right by this country, and be the leader we so desperately need. But he lost.

We have been failed not only by the two party system, but by our third parties, who had an opportunity now more than ever to make their case to the American people. Had they chosen even slightly serious or competent nominees to represent themselves, I’m confident that this year could have been the end of the two party system. But they chose a woman who was late to her own rally because she confused Cleveland with Cincinatti and a man who doesn’t know who Harriet Tubman is.

Maybe you’re considering writing in your preferred nominee. Maybe you’re considering staying home. Maybe you’re considering voting 3rd party.

You are fully entitled to do as you see fit with your vote, but please be honest with yourself. As tired as you may be of hearing the same repeated mantras about a vote for anyone other than Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton being a vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, I’m sure you’re smart enough to recognize the truth to it.

You didn’t choose these pitiful nominees, and I didn’t either. But we’re adults, with adult choices to make, that will have a lasting impact on this country. We can cross our arms and shout about our principles, but we can’t pretend that refusal to acknowledge reality means that we can escape reality, or the all too real implications of our actions (or lack thereof).

I’ve already explained why I have less than enthusiastically boarded the Trump Train as a staunch conservative, but I’m pleading with everyone from Kasich republicans to Bernie Bros to hear me out.

Trump has been a democrat for the majority of his adult life, and as skeptical as that has made most republicans and conservatives of him, his legitimacy and how much he can be trusted to follow through on the promises he campaigns on, there really is a silver lining. While there is a significant number of lifelong republicans that refuse to vote for trump, there is also a significant number of lifelong democrats that not only will never vote for Hillary Clinton, but are voting for Trump not to spite their former party, but because he has been a vehicle for for communicating our ideas in ways that republicans have failed to do for decades. He isn’t the most articulate, eloquent or sensitive person, and he makes it all too easy for the mainstream media to take his words out of context and twist them, but I firmly believe that given the options at hand, a candidate of compromise that has the potential to unite Americans across party lines in a palpable way could make a positive and meaningful impact.

And while we’re talking about Trump’s words being taken out of context, let’s get some things straight. Trump never said Mexicans were rapists and murderers. Trump doesn’t hate Latinos, immigrants, the LGBT community or the black community. He doesn’t. What Trump said atop those golden escalators was an acknowledgment of the all too real and all too ignored epidemic of crime brought into the country by people in this country illegally, that no corner of this country is unaffected by. From New England to the Midwest to the southeast to the west coast, American citizens are becoming painfully familiar with the consequences of an immigration system that favors law breakers. Our pathetic excuse for a border is directly responsible for the opioid crisis the country is facing, and wanting to secure it and enforce our laws isn’t racist or xenophobic.

As crazy as it may sound, Trump’s nomination just might be the blessing in disguise the Republican Party didn’t know it needed. In a few short months, Trump has drawn in voters from across the aisle in a way that our party has been trying and failing to do for years now. While he lacks the charm or eloquence of Rubio or the grounded conservatism of Cruz, he appeals to voters from all walks of life in a way that I genuinely doubt any polished politician could. There is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the Republican Party at this very point in time to reach people that wouldn’t have given us the time of day any other election year, but have been intrigued and seduced by Trump’s blunt, confident nature.

Donald Trump is no saint. He’s not someone that our children should strive to be like, and he’s not someone that our party can take real pride in as a nominee. He can be obnoxious, childish and downright barbaric. He rarely says the right thing, and when he does he says it in a way that still offends a large portion of his audience. But when all is said and done, I believe that Donald Trump is a kind man with a good heart. The same can’t be said for Mrs. Clinton. I don’t even know if the same can be said for me, but I’m not making a bid for leader of the free world under the premise that my opposition is Literally Hitler or that I’m somehow the friendly alternative. Kind people don’t defend child rapists and laugh it off. They don’t insist that they’re feminist champions despite having intimidated and silenced their spouse’s alleged sexual assault victims, in addition to viciously belittling them. They don’t ride their husband’s coattails to fame and they don’t think that their can be used as a get out of jail free card for every scandal that they are exposed in. Hillary Clinton is a soulless shell of a human being that will stop at nothing to satisfy her own insatiable hunger for power, and the last person that we can trust to put this nation’s interests above her own.

Despite Tim Kaine’s poorly delivered talking points in the Vice Presidential debate, there’s nothing patriotic about taxes. One of the primary reasons we separated from Britain in the first place is because we were being excessively taxed without our interests being represented, and sadly we seem to have come full circle. I’ve been paying taxes for four years and my parents have been paying them for decades. And what do we have to show for it? Our veterans are still mistreated, neglected and dying while we’re manufacturing a more bloated, useless bureaucracy every hour of every day.

I’m less than pleased with the major nominees for president, and I believe they both pose significant threats to the country I know and love. But one of them will be elected president on November 8th, and every choice that every American voter makes will play a part in that. I’ve done my research and made the choice that I believe will do the least damage. People keep bringing up Hillary’s “experience” like that’s supposed to make me feel any better about the fact that she’s hell bent on ruining this country to serve her own ego, and that her extensive record clearly reflects that.

Most things trump touch turn to gold. Everything Hillary touches turns to shit. The choice is clear. And it’s time to Make America Great Again.



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