Pro What Choice?


“I believe in a woman’s right to choose”

That sounds great, but to choose what? To choose an abortion? To choose to terminate the life that she more than likely created with full consent and partial negligence? Okay. Sketchy, but okay.

What about other choices? Like her choice to think, speak and learn freely? 

Y’all claim to be all about empowering women, and encouraging them to find their voice, but you really only mean women you agree with. When inspirational, well spoken, powerful women like Condoleezza Rice and Christina Hoff Sommers try to speak at your schools, you protest them. You constantly challenge the intelligence of conservative women, and belittle them by second guessing their true understanding of their own beliefs on account of their gender.

Or her choice to bear arms?

As the saying goes; God made man and women- Colonel Colt made them equal. Who is going to defend a woman being assaulted when no one’s around? Lena Dunham? Amy Schumer? Tina Fey? No, I don’t think a mediocre comedian is going to defend the average American woman in danger- though the likelihood of a woman being in danger in the United States of America is far less than what you’ve been led to believe. Her greatest defense is herself, and to be frank, most women will be physically outmatched by any man they encounter. That’s not sexism, it’s science.

Or her choice to start a business?

As much as the left complains about how few women are CEOs and how women are underrepresented in high earning industries, their proposals and policies become obstacles for anyone trying to start something new. Between their regulations, taxes, minimum wage hikes, and Obamacare, business owners are given fewer and fewer chances to thrive, and those that dream of owning their own businesses have even slimmer chances of succeeding.

Or her choice to be a Christian?

What if a Christian woman owns a business? What if she’s a florist or a baker? Is she allowed to adhere to her beliefs and respectfully decline to participate in a ceremony that conflicts with her faith, or should the government confiscate everything she has built for herself because she didn’t compromise her faith? Guy Benson made this point at NCSC15: although liberals love those coexist bumper stickers, they have no idea what coexisting really means. Coexisting doesn’t mean “do as I say and believe what I believe or I’ll ruin your life” and no matter how many ways they try to spin it, that’s exactly what it comes down to. Those couples in Washington and Oregon weren’t denied service because they were gay. They had actually been frequenting the businesses they destroyed for years before their weddings. It wasn’t about hate. And it wasn’t “just a cake.” It was about a person’s first amendment right to freely practice their religion, and the government violating that, and the public letting their hyper emotional rhetoric get in the way of what was actually going on.

Or her choice to get a job?

We already have equal pay for equal work. The misleading statistics about 70 or 80 something cents to the man’s dollar were reached by taking the median incomes of men and women, and pretty much calling it a day. Some people got more specific, and looked within the industries and tried to factor for education, but none of these people got to the root of the difference in earnings. Men, as a whole, make more because they work longer hours, they take more dangerous jobs, and they go in to higher earning industries. If employers could get a way with paying a woman ¾ of what they pay men, men wouldn’t get hired. By championing this nonsensical cause and pushing for legislation that’s just going to complicate the workplace, you’re probably interfere with women getting the jobs they want as opposed to implement it.

So what do you really mean when you talk about a woman’s right to choose? Do you genuinely believe that women not only are capable of making their own choices, but deserve to make their own choices? Or do you just want to keep throwing tax dollars at Planned Parenthood, and rely on overused, empty rhetoric about “choice” to justify it?



what do you think?

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  • “When I told your father I was pregnant he told me to get an abortion. After you were born he told me he had never been more wrong about anything in his life.” I’m pro-life, and I always have been. My mom was starting law school at Brown when she got pregnant with me a year younger than I am now. My biological father...wasn’t exactly boyfriend of the year to put things lightly, and as an Ivy League grad the world was literally my mom’s oyster. She was extremely religious and went to a very conservative church where a child out of wedlock would turn her into an outcast. Because like every last professed pro-life Christian, she wasn’t perfect. But this wouldn’t be a sin that she could hide or bury. She had every reason to make that appointment, but she chose not to.

Fast forward 24 years, and a really good friend of mine got pregnant at the same age my mom did, and I assumed she would keep it. She was in a stable relationship and even told me she wanted to start a family soon. And according to almost every conversation we’d ever had on the subject, she was pro life too. But she was panicking, and almost overnight her entire perspective changed. Ironically enough, just days before I attended my first March for Life, a good friend of mine got an abortion.

And I won’t lie; I was disappointed. Because like most abortions, it wasn’t the result of some freak accident of properly used but failed birth control. She was being careless. And while I did my best to make the case for keeping it without pressuring her, I completely understood her decision and didn’t judge her for a minute. Because what my friend needed more than opinions or condemnation was my support.

I am pro life, and I always have been. My views didn’t change, but my attitude did. I realized that week, after taking frantic phone call after frantic phone call, that life happens in a lot of different directions. Life happening for my mom meant a child at 24 and dropping out of law school. Life happening for my friend meant an abortion. And part of being pro life — for me at least — is being there for people in your life even when it challenges you.
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