Last Minute Fourth Of July Plans In DC

I know, I know. It’s been a while. But a girl needed a hiatus. At first, I was just being lazy about pushing out content and then I actually started to run into extreme difficulty starting or finishing new blog posts. And with a lot of weird things going on in my life, I decided that I needed a break. And I really enjoyed it. When I felt the need to write outside of work, it was for me, and my own piece of mind.


I’ve had some much needed time to reset, and I’m back bitches.


The Fourth of July is literally my favorite holiday. Celebrating America? Day drinking? Patriotic apparel? Hot dogs? Fireworks? What more could a girl ask for???


I’m someone that thinks really far ahead when it comes to fun holidays. I’m thinking about New Year’s Eve in July and I’m thinking about the Fourth of July in January. But of course, the people I want to hang out with can’t be bothered to think more than a week in advance for this stuff. So by the time they’re ready to plan something, every AirBnB in Dewey Beach or the Hamptons is $600,000/night and a flight costs a vital organ and a virgin sacrifice.


This year, I’ll actually be in California. On July 3rd I have a meeting with a client and on July 4th I have a wedding to go to. I can’t believe that four years ago I had to walk Nantucket barefoot because I lost my shoes on Nobadeer beach and had to take a $300 uber ride back to Boston. Jesus, I’m old. But being me, I’ll be getting my rowdiness out the weekend beforehand to offset my FOMO.


And for any fellow swamp residents scrambling for plans, I’ve compiled a short list of festivities in the area between now and the Fourth that should still be a lot of fun.


But it should go without saying that if you know someone at the White House or with White House connections, you should see if you can score tickets for their Fourth celebration.


All American Bar Crawl @ DuPont Circle — June 29th 2pm – 10pm

Tickets: $20


Red, White & Brews w/ the DC Polo Society @ Poolesville, MD

Tickets: $15 – $85, transportation available from DuPont Circle


Independence Eve Margarita Cruise with Expected Fireworks — July 3rd 8:30pm – 11:30pm

Tickets (earlybird): $30


Le White Party @ the W Hotel — July 3rd 9pm – 2am

Tickets: $20


Red, White & Navy Yard — July 4th 1pm – 2am

No tickets


Red, White & Rooftop @ Hawthorne U Street — July 4th 2pm – 4am

No tickets


what do you think?

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  • There’s a lot of money to be made in making you afraid, making you hateful, and making you believe that the American Dream is dead. There’s a lot of money to be made in putting you in a bubble where you only listen to or care about people that agree with you. And there’s a lot of money to be made in making you believe that our country was never great or will never be great again. Know that in spite of all the noise and manufactured panic, this is the best time to be alive to date in the most wonderful country on God’s green earth.
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  • When you work in politics after a while, I think patriotism often feels reduced in one way or another to partisan tribalism. It’s either “rah rah Trump” or “fuck Trump.” It’s calling everyone that disagrees with you a name, and convincing yourself that the only people that love our country are the ones that agree with you. But that’s not what it is at all. And watching @operationfinallyhome surprise a disabled veteran, his wife and his daughter with a mortgage free home just days before the Fourth of July reminded me of that. God Bless America
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