Jemele Hill Reminds Me Why I Hate Everyone

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Jemele Hill is under fire for a Twitter rant she went on earlier this week. I will happily admit that I had no idea who Jemele Hill was until this week because I’m not particularly into sports and I don’t watch ESPN. I follow enough straight men on Twitter to know that ESPN has become increasingly political and that many former fans of the network have been turned off by its blatant politicization.

In case you have a life that’s actually interesting and draws you away from social media for extended periods of time, here’s a quick refresher:

Here’s what the Press Secretary had to say when questioned about it:

First of all, can we just pause and reexamine the question the reporter asked?

“You mentioned a couple times today – emphasized diversity in the West Wing. And you talked about the President being very clear in Charlottesville in denouncing all hate. I just want to read a comment from an influential African American sports caster from ESPN (reads several tweets)… do you have a reaction to that and is the President aware of that comment?” Sarah answers, and he asks this follow up question: “If the President was so clear, as you said, why do you think influential African American figures are saying things like this?”

Someone come collect their mans.

I’m not even trying to fight with him on substance. Though I think people on both sides have a habit of hearing what they want to hear and projecting their own biases when it comes to Trump, I understand the argument against his response to Charlottesville. But the question was stupid, and I’m especially annoyed at the fact that it was framed like a “gotcha.” “I know you said something about diversity in the West Wing but this BLACK SPORTS ANCHOR whose political opinions should hold zero relevance doesn’t like him so…how about them apples???” How do we decide which black people get to speak for everyone else? Historically successful neurosurgeon and former presidential candidate Ben Carson is constantly degraded by the media and has his “blackness” revoked and questioned by people with absolutely no authority to do so. But one ESPN anchor is suddenly the spokesperson for all things black and #diverse now? BYE. If we let all the DACA recipients stay can we deport everyone that works for the mainstream media?

When things like this happen, I’m reminded of how few sane, rational people are actually left in the world, and how much I hate everyone. It seems like almost everyone on one side is trying to turn her into the next fake woke civil rights icon of our time while almost everyone on the other really needs a fucking Snickers.

Tbh this is a fair point. Whether or not I agree with her, I respect people willing to stand by what they said.

And then there’s this:

To quote annoying politicians making desperate attempts to “talk tough,” let’s be clear:

  • Jemele Hill is not special for tweeting like every high school junior that watched a NowThis video once.
  • Jemele Hill knowingly tweeted from her official, public, verified Twitter account that very clearly identifies her as an ESPN employee.
  • Free speech protects both Hill, her supporters and her detractors’ rights to voice their opinions. It doesn’t protect her job, or anyone else’s.
  • Unlike Jemele Hill, Linda Cohn was right when she said that ESPN’s politicization had turned off many viewers. Unlike Jemele Hill, she was directly criticizing her employer.
  • ESPN’s “standards” are inconsistently applied to left and right wing ideologies.
  • I don’t know anything about her past, but Jemele Hill is not racist for accusing Trump of being a white supremacist. That’s literally not what racism is, and last time I checked redefining words for political convenience was what liberals do. If she had insisted that all white people were white supremacists or that Trump was a white supremacist simply because he’s white it would be a different story.
  • Demanding firings is also a leftist tactic. I have never contacted someone’s employer because they said something I didn’t like, or retweeted anything encouraging others to do so no matter how vehemently I disagree with them.
  • There is a world outside of the hyper-polarized, dramatized versions you’ll find on social media leaning far one way or the other.
  • White people that think they’re the new oppressed classed are just as pathetic as anyone else that clings to narratives of victimhood.
  • Black people by and large are still at the bottom of the totem pole economically and socially in this country. The “black privilege” shtick makes you sound like you don’t read anything you didn’t find in a meme.
  • Whether or not Jemele Hill is fired, ESPN will still be trash and will probably cease to exist if they don’t change their tune.

Let’s make each others’ social media experiences great again by using our brains and not jumping to extremes of undeserved praise or outrage.



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