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I’m Actually Feeling 22


A week ago, I turned 22. I knew the day would come, and I’ve been dreading it for quite some time now. After you can drink legally, every birthday becomes a source of anxiety. You’re forced to face the difference between where you are and where you want to be, and watch in horror as your peers seem to be outperforming you. Everyone has impressive jobs, internships and fellowships lined up, and no matter how much you’ve accomplished, it never seems like enough when you’re comparing yourself to the facebook announcements popping up left and right. Slowly but surely I’m accepting that while I may not be where I want to be, I am where I need to be. I’ve made so many mistakes that I constantly replay in my head, wondering what could have been, but as much as I regret them, I know that every mistake I’ve made has led me to exactly who I am today and who I’m supposed to be. If I hadn’t had such terrible grades I never would have gone to Lasell, I never would have taken a Conspiracy in American Politics class on a whim, I never would have become conservative, I never would have switched from fashion to communications, and I probably wouldn’t be involved in politics at all today; let alone working on a campaign. I’ll never know if the person I could have been is more impressive than the person I am today, and I never will. All I know is that I’m grateful for everything I’ve learned along the way, and that I’ve never felt so equipped for what the year has in store for me.



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  • Shake shack opened a location near my apartment so I’m just looking at my feet while I can still see them before I gain the inevitable 90 lbs
  • Tbt to the time I searched every floor of union station for a Cinnabon then ended up paying $9 for the most disgusting steak and cheese I’ve ever encountered
  • Is it really Veterans Day if you don’t post a granddaddy pic? It’s easy to get wrapped up in feel good quotes and talking points on Veterans Day — and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a day we set aside to celebrate the men and women that decided to put service above self. But if we’re truly going to honor service and sacrifice, we don’t stop at what feels good or what’s easy to talk about — we address veteran homelessness, veteran suicide, post deployment reintegration, VA reform — and most importantly we resist unnecessary war that puts our troops in unnecessary danger. Thank you for coming to my ted talk.
  • My sandwich a lil ugly just like me 😛
  • You, an idiot and a plebe: divided by politics
Us, scholars of noble upbringing: divided by Nicki Minaj vs cardi b
  • No matter what happens tonight, I don’t have to listen to/watch political ads for another year and a half and that’s something to drink to
  • I feel like God makes sure to plop a good sunset in front of me at least once a week so I don’t go postal
  • Friday I had ice cream for breakfast and ate pizza for lunch and dinner because I’m a woman in crisis but im gonna keep telling myself carb addiction beats meth addiction until I need those wheel chair shopping carts at the grocery store 🤷🏾‍♀️
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