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8 Ways to Be More Confident


If there’s anyone we should all aspire to be more like, it’s the fictional race car driver Ricky Bobby from Talladega Nights. Here are eight ways that you can be more confident, and wake up in the morning pissing excellence.

Go a week without makeup 


Or minimal makeup; it’s up to you. I won’t claim that every girl that wears a lot of makeup on a regular basis is insecure, but let’s not kid ourselves; if you think of your beauty as something that you apply every morning and take off every night, you’re not confident in the way you look. The best way to address that insecurity isn’t more makeup, it’s less. Wear as much makeup as you want, but only if you’re comfortable with what’s underneath it in the first place.

Take nudes, don’t send them


I’ve gained a monstrous amount of weight in college. I mean, I can still pull off crop tops on most occasions without looking like the fat girl in a crop top that I actually feel like, but things just aren’t what they used to be. Sometimes, taking pictures of your body without sending them to anyone can be a great way of reminding yourself that you’re sexy without needing anyone else to tell you.

Take selfies, don’t post them


I mean, if it’s really that good, maybe you should post it. But learning to appreciate your features without seeking validation on them is 🔑. Why should how you feel about yourself depend on whether or not 100+ of your followers double tap your picture? Confidence is a certainty about yourself that doesn’t need the recognition or praise of others.

Wake up early


I’m most confident when I feel like I’m on top of my game, making the most out of every 24 hour day, and doing the most I can every day to work towards my long term goals. If I feel like I’ve wasted my day, I don’t feel good about myself. If I know that I’ve been efficient with my time, I end the day feeling much better about myself, leading me to my next point.

Be productive


If you spend your downtime meaninglessly scrolling through the same three apps on your phone and watching Netflix, you’re not going to be pleased with yourself at the end of the day, and you shouldn’t be.

Realize there’s more to being attractive than how you look


There’s this guy; let’s call him Rob. Physically, Rob doesn’t look like most of the guys that I swoon over. But he literally has one of the best personalities of anyone I’ve ever met in my life, and as much as I don’t want to like him because he’s my friend, I’ve been forced to accept the fact that to my dismay, I have a crush on him. There’s also a girl at my school- let’s call her Megan- and she’s a pretty enough girl, but as a person, she’s so god awful that everyone’s reaction to her is literally “ew.” Be a Rob, not a Megan.

Look to the runway


As much as people complain about the fashion industry’s beauty standards, the runway is one of the best places to look for unconventional beauty inspiration. The runway is somewhere where art is matters, and where features that were considered flaws become strengths. From Lindsey Wixson to Ajak Deng there is no shortage of models to empower you to embrace your own individualized beauty. Appearance isn’t everything, but let’s not kid ourselves; it matters, and it’s easier to appreciate your own if you realize that there are actual models that look nothing like the Instagram models that you constantly compare yourself to.

Download the “I AM” app

I AM is an app that sends you positive affirmations throughout the day, and it’s surprising what a difference something so small can make.



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