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Bullshit Belongs In Grass On Wide Open Fields Not In Our Lives

Today, I found out that my fellow intern, a political science major at Harvard, has a girlfriend, who also attends Harvard. If two students that attend the world’s best and thus most challenging academic institution are about to approach their one year anniversary, how is it that I and thousands of students at small D3 liberal arts colleges all over the country are able to convince ourselves that we’re “too busy” or “don’t have time” for relationships?


In college, we’re busy. We have classes, we have clubs, we have sports, we have Greek life, and most importantly, we have a BAC to keep up. But I think that many of us either choose to be single or wish we weren’t single, and use our cluttered schedules as excuses and justifiers. And I think it’s time we approach life more honestly.


There is a difference between tasteful politeness and and sugarcoating or an inability to look the truth in its face. We need to be honest with ourselves about our lives and honest with other people about their place in our lives. Do you “totally love being single because tequila > te amo hashtag sorry not sorry” or do you post photos of yourself visibly belligerent in little to no clothing weekend after weekend on instagram to try to convince everyone including yourself that you aren’t lonely or living a life void of substance? Do you “really like her but think a relationship would be unfair to you both because of your hectic schedule” or do you really just want to put your bologna pony wherever you please whenever you please without having a long conversation about it after the fact?


Bottom line, we need to stop giving and accepting as many excuses as we do. If something sounds like bullshit, smells like bullshit and looks like bullshit, it’s bullshit. It’s not the best of bovine fecal matter or the world’s finest oxen excrement, it’s bullshit. And it belongs in grass on wide open fields, not in our lives.




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