Treated Like A Trend by Lovers & Friends

You know where you put clothes that you don’t want after you’re done trying them on in the store? At the store I work at, we call that the go back rack but it may be called different things in different stores. Recently, I’ve realized that I feel like the clothes on the go back rack.
It feels like people, whether they be friends or guys, try me out and decide they don’t like me. And it sucks.

Objectively, I’m being dramatic. I’m not lonely and I’m not sad and I don’t feel bad about myself. I know that I didn’t do anything to warrant the way I’ve been treated, but it doesn’t make the facts of the situation any less harsh or real for me. Within the last year I’ve lost two best friends that out of the blue just decided they didn’t want to be around me anymore, and it hurt a lot.

At first, I thought that I had to be the problem. I was the ugly, poorly made garment that no one wanted to buy. I think people have a bad habit of refusing to acknowledge the part they play in their own misfortune, so I was certain that I must have done something wrong. But after examining things more closely, I realized that what happened just wasn’t my fault.


Sometimes the issue isn’t the clothes that the customer is trying on, but the customer. As marvelous as the garment may be, the customer may refuse to buy a garment because of a detail as minor as the direction of a ruffle or because of their own insecurities.
Sometimes people will treat you a way you don’t deserve to be treated, and it’s not because they’re necessarily bad people, but because they’re too focused on things that don’t matter or because things happening in their own lives prevent them from being able to see things clearly. But just because people can’t appreciate a fabulous piece doesn’t make it any less fabulous, and it doesn’t mean that a customer with better taste and more in touch with reality won’t come along and snatch it up.




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