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Airing of Grievances: A Year In Disappointments

It’s that time of year again! I was busy all day doing last minute Christmas shopping so pardon the late post, but given what a year 2016 has been I absolutely could not pass up the opportunity to air my grievances. After reading this you might be wondering how I could be so salty. You might even think I’m hypocritical. I disagree, but I have great news: I don’t care! Feel free to air your own grievances about me that I also won’t care about! God bless, and Happy Festivus!

Never Trump

I want to preface this by saying that I recognize that voting is a private decision, and that as an American citizen, you are entitled to vote as you see fit. In my humble opinion, though, that doesn’t exempt anyone or their vote from criticism. Never Trump can be broken down into two general categories: the people that wouldn’t vote for him but recognized that either one of two people would be president and decided that they wouldn’t go out of their way to harm his chances at defeating Hillary, and the insufferable virtue signalers that shouted about principles, dissecting, hyperbolizing, and tweet-storming Trump’s every movement like CNN was paying them to do it, and refusing to acknowledge the binary nature of elections, or that their tantrums were actively aiding Hillary Clinton. My grievance is with the latter. Ya know, the “I’m a former Romney staffer that’s voting for Hillary” types. The Ana Navarro types. You spent so much time not only attacking your own nominee, but berating and vilifying people that generally share your worldview because they had made an adult choice among the options they were presented with while you were still writing fan fiction about a Rubio Ryan ticket.


The Left

I’ll be the first to admit that I thought democrats would make bitches out of us this year in all three branches of government. I was prepared to lose the House, Senate and White House on November 8th. Very, very few people saw this coming. But the way the majority of the left has handled this humbling loss has baffled me to say the least. Beginning in the early hours of November 9th, my Facebook feed was rampant with hysterical posts of people who didn’t seek to learn anything from this election or about their fellow Americans, but continue the pattern of isolationist groupthink and character assassination on everyone that disagreed with them. Hillary Clinton and other prominent Democrats went on to blame James Comey, fake news, Russian hacking – and get this; VOTER FRAUD – that right wing conspiracy theory – for their embarrassing defeat when the reality of the matter was that they were completely out of touch with pretty much everyone outside of New York and California.


Black Lives Matter

Police brutality is a real issue that needs to be addressed. This is a fact that I am not denying. But Black Lives Matter and their antics aren’t doing anything productive to improve this issue. At the first word of a black person dying at the hands of police, Black Lives Matter takes to the streets and their keyboards to shill about a situation they more often than not know nothing about. They are pushing their narrative and promoting their hashtag before a shred of evidence has been presented. Police need to be held accountable when they are in the wrong, but too many people with zero understanding of what it means to back the blue or be in blue have too many opinions about the protocol and policies that police should follow. As the black niece of two black police officers, their lives matter too, and if a criminal lunatic is pointing a gun at them I don’t want them jeopardizing their own safety worried about what Twitter will think when they shoot.


Jack Dorsey

I unequivocally support a private business’s right to discriminate, and if Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey wants to abuse his power and weaken his own company by censoring conservatives, that’s his prerogative. But come out and say it. Stop applying the so called “twitter rules” inconsistently and targeting the right when they haven’t even violated any of the guidelines while letting ISIS recruiters have free reign. I’m no CEO, but I’m pretty sure that letting personal biases and petty rivalries interfere with your ability to coherently enforce a policy reeks of unprofessionalism.


High School Acquaintances

While most of the people I met in high school are sane, intelligent people that chose to unfriend me in silence, mute me, keep scrolling because they have the profound ability to see opposing viewpoints and go on with their lives, or even more impressively – message me in private to pursue meaningful discourse on areas of disagreement, some clearly have had some stunts in development. Time after time this year one person or another that I haven’t spoken to in years has gone out of their way to make a spectacle of me and my political beliefs on social media, and it was even more pathetic than it was annoying. Disagreeing with me, my life choices or the way I present my ideas doesn’t make you a hater or a loser, but writing a 10 paragraph essay and writing constant subliminal posts about someone that literally hasn’t thought about you since 2012 sure as hell does, and I’ll pray that your lives become interesting enough that you no longer have to spend so much time thinking about mine. Honestly. Truly.


Amy Schumer

Between her targeting Trump supporters in the audiences of her comedy shows, her and Seth Rogen’s desecration of the Bud Light brand with ridiculous wage gap commercials, and her nonstop rambling about gun violence what is there to like about Amy Schumer? She is the actual, literal worst and the world will be much better off once we stop pretending she’s funny.


Lena Dunham

If there’s a celebrity that gives Amy Schumer a run for her money in being the most insufferable buffoon in Hollywood, it’s her fellow 4 Lena Dunham. I don’t even know where to begin with my grievances on this woman. From her recent comments on “wishing she’d had an abortion” to stumping for Hillary with the “Sensual Pantsuit Anthem” she has easily been one of the largest, most odorous stains on this year.


Marco Rubio

I don’t know if pretending that it was Ted Cruz/his campaign’s fault you lost was just a strategy to help you gain ground or if you genuinely believed that nonsense, but it wasn’t. And I’m still mad about the debate. You know which one I’m talking about. That being said, I don’t hate you as much as I used to and you have been removed from my list of politicians to slap if and when the opportunity presents itself.


The Libertarian Party

As much as most libertarians annoy me, I have a lot in common with them in terms of my political views. The libertarian party (as well as third parties in general) had an unprecedented opportunity to make their case to the American people, and be the beginning of the end of the two party system. But instead of choosing a mildly competent or compelling candidate, they chose Gary Johnson. Gary Johnson. And it’s hilarious to me that the same people that would scoff at Trump’s lack of conservatism could align themselves with a libertarian like GJ.



In 2017 I beg that you stop using outdated statistics to promote victimhood and hysteria, that you stop dismissing every disagreement other women have with you as internalized misogyny, and that you stop blowing life’s slightest trivialities out of proportion to further your narrative. But I know you won’t. Cheers.



Last but not least, no one can disappoint me quite like I can disappoint myself. Better luck next time.



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