Why Losers Hate America


As someone that named my blog “the pretty patriot” it should come as no surprise that I’m equal parts in love with myself and my country. Even when I was a brain dead liberal, I had an unwavering love for the United States of America. Over the years as I’ve become increasingly politically involved, I’ve noticed that most of the America bashing I’ve been subjected to has come from a special kind of person. The overwhelming majority of America haters are losers, for lack of a better term. They’re a diverse variety of losers, but losers nonetheless.

Maybe they’re 35 year olds in their parents’ basements blaming capitalism and corporate greed for their lack of success. Maybe they’re bombing the Boston Marathon because they “lived their whole lives in their brothers shadow” or didn’t get a bid to any of the fraternities they tried to rush. No matter the reason, they’re losers, and probably always will be.

I’ve developed somewhat of a theory about why hating America and being a loser seem to go hand in hand. America is like that really good looking kid in school that came from a good family, played like three sports, and still usually managed to make the honor roll. He’d screw up here and there, but for the most part he had it all.

Have you ever noticed the way that movies usually portray popular kids as mean spirited borderline sociopathic bullies, preying on their social “inferiors?” While I won’t deny that it happens, I’ve noticed that reality usually tells a different story. Insecure people have a habit of projecting their own doubts and fears onto people they perceive as better off than them, or for the sake of my argument, more privileged than them.

America is the loser’s scapegoat for any and every one of their shortcomings. They like to fancy themselves the victims of an obnoxious jock of a nation, being shoved into lockers and having their lunch money stolen. But life usually isn’t a bad 80s movie.

Losers hate America because usually, in one way or another, they perceive it as responsible for their problems. They see so many people doing better than them, and instead of taking any responsibility for their lives or their happiness, they find comfort in spite, envy and self pity. And it’s no wonder that these people often support policies that spawn from those vices.

Hatred of America isn’t enlightened or noble. No matter how over intellectualized it is, it ultimately boils down to wanting something for nothing and wanting something to blame.



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