Florals for Fall? Groundbreaking

I moved to northern Virginia literally this time last year, and I honestly remember it being a lot warmer than it is now. That being said, falls down here seem a lot more temperate than falls back home, with a more prolonged transition. It’s nice to be able to get away with some bulky sweaters and layering before having to switch to fur lined winter coats and knee high boots every day.

If you’re familiar with my style at all, you know the name “Lilly Pulitzer.” And if you know me at all, you know I’m a broke b-word that pretty much only buys Lilly when it’s on sale. Lilly Pulitzer has two sales every year; one at the end of summer and one at the end of winter. This summer, I went a little overboard: my wallet was sad…like, borderline suicidal — but my closet and heart were very, very happy.


I snagged these pants last minute, knowing that I wanted to be able to keep wearing one of my favorite brands even after the temperatures began to drop dramatically (the vast majority of my Lilly items are dresses).

Initially after receiving them, I didn’t know if I would keep them. But after sitting in my closet for a while and having some time to think about how I could incorporate it with the rest of my wardrobe, I decided to give them a chance — and I couldn’t be happier I did.

I styled them with a chunky, thrifted, oversized sweater over a thrifted men’s Ralph Lauren button down (also oversized). I was also excited about the opportunity to wear these adorable pink satin slip ons I got on sale at Marshall’s.

Sweater: Thrifted (similar)

Button down: Thrifted (similar)

Pants: Lilly Pulitzer (similar)

Shoes: Marshall’s (similar)



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