No Fads Just Plaids

Everyone thinks that you have to shell out a million dollars to create a professional wardrobe — and sure, you’re going to have to invest and #treatchoself here and there — but that’s just not true.

If you really know me, you know that as much as I love the opulent and overpriced, I love the inexpensive and on sale even more. And that doesn’t just stop with my weekend thot gear.

Building a professional wardrobe doesn’t mean that you have to shop exclusively at four-dollar-sign-on -yelp old lady stores. It doesn’t mean you have to wear the same seven items all the time because they’re all you can afford on your entry level salary.

I don’t even remember where I originally purchased my shirt; it was on a sale rack at a small ratchet store near my dentist when I lived in Boston. I have one in this tan color and one in a blue — and they’ve not only lasted me years, but they’ve become staples of my wardrobe. Together, they couldn’t have costed more than $15.

The Tommy Hilfiger skirt was around $40 on sale — and worth every penny. I get compliments every time I wear it. It’s one of my favorite purchases to date, goes with a huge chunk of my wardrobe and perhaps most importantly is a viable choice for the painful transition between early fall to early spring in Northern Virginia.

And these oh so iconic T-strap pumps were $8 at the Plato’s closet where I used to live in Loudoun County. You read that right. EIGHT DOLLARS. Literally maybe 25 cents more expensive than a Big Mac meal. And what’s REALLY amazing about them is that I can actually walk in them.

All this to say that dressing like a professional doesn’t have to break the bank — or really come anywhere close to it.

I know that fashion isn’t a huge deal to some people, but starting my day off in an outfit that I’m confident and happy in can make all the difference to me. And you don’t have to shop exclusively at Brooks Brothers or Neiman Marcus to achieve that.

Shirt: (Similar)

Skirt: Tommy Hilfiger (Similar)

Shoes: Thrifted (Similar)



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