Instead of opting for the typical Sunday post-church brunch menu, my family decided to head out to Burlington for Flatbread. Flatbread is a hippie’s paradise, from the “organic” this to the “gluten free” that and as much as it goes against everything I embody, I have to give it to them. Everything about the establishment is amazing, from the service, to the menu items to the decor. The only thing I didn’t like about Flatbread was that it was in Burlington, so it was inconvenient to get to, but I found out that there’s a location in Somerville right by the Davis Square stop on the Redline. No matter what your preferences are, I guarantee you’ll be able to find something you like at Flatbread.



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  • Did my shooting instructor nickname me miss Somalia bc of my natural shooting ability and inclination towards big boy guns or bc of the size of my forehead? Prob the latter tbh
  • Now that I’ve lived in Virginia for almost a year and tasted freedom I can say for certain that America’s true oppressed class are the Bostonians living in a city where Chick-fil-A is banned
  • Will the Chick-fil-A sauce I spilled all over my sweater approximately 7 minutes after this picture was taken ever come out? Find out next time on dragon ball z
  • In my next life I’m probably gonna come back as a fish as karma for all the sushi I’ve eaten in the last 3 months
  • As a sweaty person that gets weird tan lines that last forever and headaches from the sun I’m honestly thriving these days
  • 😕💙
  • 🌈🤪🌈
  • Fall is cancelled until I get to wear everything I bought online and in store for the #afterpartysale — sorry bout it I don’t make the rules 🙂
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