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Drake Wouldn’t Treat Me Like This… Or Would He?

Drake is Canadian, so it should come as a surprise that under his body made of butter scotch and sex appeal lies a gentle and sensitive soul. When he’s not running through the six with his woes, he’s looking out of his window into the six’s skyline writing poetry about the stripper that won’t text him back. Social media has run rampant with jokes making light of the rapper’s softer side, and many of his female fans have become confident that Drake would treat them better than whatever sweaty morons they’re currently dealing with.


However, given what I’ve learned about men throughout the course of my life, I’m led to believe otherwise. For every instagram model that Drake has written a song about or subtweeted, there are probably a good 86 other discarded BBWs that he bumped uglies with, crying into a bottle of Hennessy and wishing that the Champagne Papi would reply to their snap chats or pick up their calls.


The truth is, Drake is probably like every other cutie patootie that wants your bootie, At the beginning, you’re convinced that this guy is going to be the answer to your prayers and the end of your binge eating. This is the guy that you’re going to raise a dog with. But time after time, bae turns into bye before you can finish imagining the right angle for your first “insta official” post.


“Good morning beautiful” with a heart eye emoji turns into a 2AM “u up.” Swoon worthy comments about how great of a girl you are and how much his parents would love you turn into “not wanting to rush anything.” On one hand, it sucks. No one likes being led on or getting their hopes up for something that’s never going to happen. On the other hand, no amount of intelligence, clean eating, suggestive instas, or cooked meals will make you “the one” for the wrong guy, and that’s not really his fault.

It’s wrong and inhumane to string someone along over a period of time and leave them under the impression that your relationship is going somewhere, but If the feelings aren’t there, they aren’t there.


Within every jerk in a bucket hat that has left you tweeting sex in the city quotes and country lyrics for weeks on end lies both an emotional, affectionate Drake and obnoxious, inconsiderate man whore. What side he reveals to you is really up to chance, but what you tolerate is entirely up to you.



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