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Bill Maher “N Word” Outrage Is Boring & Fake

Yesterday on his late night show, Bill Maher angered many viewers while interviewing Nebraska senator Ben Sasse. Ben Sasse invited him to come “work in the fields with him” to which Maher replied, “Work in the fields? I’m a house nigga.”

There is more than one bandwagon I could jump on. As a black woman, I could pretend to be much more offended than I actually am. As a conservative, I could take this opportunity to capitalize on the shortsightedness and poor judgment of yet another liberal celebrity. But none of that would be honest coming from me.

Bill Maher very well may have gotten too comfortable and crossed a line, as many white liberals often do. But I care more about context than words, and as many leftists will read this in roll their eyes, they have no one to blame but themselves.

When I supported Ted Cruz, I had to deal with some nasty Trump supporters every once in a while. One of them called me a snowflake and one of them called me ugly, but that was about as far as it went. These incidents, however, dulled in comparison to the onslaughts of derision I received from the left. Coon, house nigger, negro bed wench and uncle Tom were really the least of it. I need to do a better job of saving screenshots of these instances, but for taking in a picture in a Trump paraphernalia with prominent Trump supporters, for voicing my pro-life beliefs, and for saying that despite my own support for marriage equality I don’t believe that businesses should be forced by the government to serve anyone, I have been castigated thousands of times over with vile, bigoted language. And as annoying as it is in the moment getting 100+ notifications every 10 minutes, I don’t care. I can’t take opinions seriously that come from people I either don’t know or don’t respect, which encompasses 100% of my opposition.

But I digress. When people of every creed, color and origin were calling me racial epithets with actual malice and hate in their hearts because they disagreed with my political opinions, no one- including me- cared. To be fair, Bill Maher is famous- none of my trolls are. But let’s employ some liberal logic here: we’re supposed to be just as outraged by random nobodies in the middle of nowhere noosing Obama mannequins as we are by Kathy Griffin beheading a Trump mannequin. So why should I care when Bill Maher makes an obvious joke? Why should I pretend to be offended when I’ve probably been called a nigger more times than AND by any of the fake woke Black Lives Matter warriors that are constructing 35 tweet threads on how Bill Maher’s toxic white masculinity? Why should my sense of self be so fragile that I allow a joke on late night television made by someone I don’t take seriously in the first place to have any real effect on the way I live my life?



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