Biden Will Be A Disaster for the Democrats

Pete Buttigieg and Amy Kobluchar both dropped out of the presidential race, and it’s obvious that this was done to try to unite the moderate vote ahead of Super Tuesday. What’s less obvious to me is why the galaxy brains in the DNC are trying to make Biden their nominee when they have…eyes and ears.


Despite Bernie’s overwhelming popularity and early success, the DNC is terrified of what nominating a socialist will do for them as a party, and I don’t blame them. It’s no coincidence that Elizabeth Warren is still in the race. If I was a Bernie supporter, I’d be livid. The timing of these dropouts very clearly indicates that these decisions came from the top. 


As former Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden is easily the highest profile candidate the Democrats have. His ties to Barack Obama give him a big leg up with black voters. Of all the candidates, he’s definitely the most “regular guy” as it gets. I understand why some people might think he made the most sense to lead the moderates against Bernie, and then the Democrats against Trump. Maybe 10 years ago that would have been a winning strategy. But in 2020, Biden doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell defeating Trump.


I’m not trying to be malicious or insensitive, but Biden is very clearly losing his mind. He’s only going to get worse. He sounds senile, and he has for some time. I’ve had to fact check almost everything I’ve seen on Twitter about him because it has been so easy to mistake parody for actual news on his campaign. His vice presidency in the Obama administration won’t be enough to convince voters that he can lead a country when he can barely finish a cohesive sentence.



If I were trying to describe Amy Kobluchar or Pete Buttigieg, I don’t think “likable,” “interesting,” or “authentic” would be the first words to come to mind. Mayor Pete looks like a Dr. Seuss character and sounds like Marco Rubio 2.0 with less charisma and a more pretentious taste in wine. Amy Kobluchar ate a salad with a hair comb and made a staffer clean it. I don’t think Amy or Pete would fare particularly well against Trump either. But if the Democrats nominate Joe Biden, they’ll be handing the election to Trump on a silver platter with a medium fry from McDonald’s and a well done, ketchup-drenched steak. 


Donald Trump would mop the floor with Joe Biden — especially in a debate. While Joe was answering a question about healthcare with an anecdote about his pop pop and a metaphor about green bean casserole, Donald Trump would be ripping him to shreds in the most elementary terms possible, and even make Democrats laugh while he did it. 


There are a lot of things a candidate can overcome. Apparent, dramatic mental decline isn’t one of them. If there’s a nonnegotiable that American voters can agree on, it’s mental soundness. And Trump may be a mad man, but he’s the most energetic, present person in politics. When he called himself a “young, vibrant man”…he really wasn’t wrong. 

A lot of Republicans are convinced that Trump will win no matter what in November, and I’d caution them not to get ahead of themselves. I’m as entertained and hopeful as anyone else — but we’ve seen this before. In 2016, the Democrats thought they had it in the bag. They were laughing at us like we’re laughing at them. People were saying the same things about Trump back then that they’re saying about Bernie now. I’m optimistic, and I’m excited to see how everything plays out, but none of us know what’s going to happen.


What I do know is that if the Democrats nominate Joe Biden, I’ll be doing three things the second it’s announced. 1) I’ll be requesting Wednesday, November 4th off in anticipation of the most violent, celebratory hangover of my adult life. 2) I’ll be placing an irresponsibly large bet on Trump winning the election. 3) I’ll be trying to figure out who can get me a ticket to the inauguration ball. Because there is no way on God’s green earth that Joe Biden defeats Donald Trump in the general.



  • LD
    4 years ago

    An eloquent speaker he is not these days, but I think getting on your dancing shoes that his primary election = a trump win, is more overly confident than democrats were in 2016. How people debate on stage and their reaction to that is not always reflective of how people will vote in the booth on Election Day.

    You are basing your confidence on what statistics exactly? That you don’t like Biden’s stutter or that his age is showing?

    I don’t think you are taking into consideration how much of the Black vote Biden has vs. Trump, how much of the suburban vote he has, and how many moderates hate Trump right now & would 100% throw Biden a vote over Sanders (and subsequently Trump) any day of the week. Have you even looked at the polling for the (like 4) states that gave Trump his victory in 2016 vs. how he is doing NOW in those places? Like the actual polling numbers?

    I’m not basing the 2020 election on Biden’s ageing oddities or if he’s the best speaker, and I don’t think you should either. About 10 moderate swing states will decide this upcoming election and if Biden is the primary nominee, I’m betting he will win in a landslide. This might come as a shocker but college aged Bernie progressives who want universal healthcare aren’t going to decide the next election. Everyone I know who voted for Trump in 2020 said that Biden has their support. Your hyper-confidence for the ‘trump train’ in this 2020 climate (hi it’s not 2016 anymore) is laughable.

    • The Pretty Patriot
      4 years ago

      Biden doesn’t have a stutter or a speech impediment. It’s obvious to anyone with eyes and ears that he’s losing his mind, including Democrats that can be honest with themselves. He isn’t fit for office and I don’t think a strong young VP or early support against a socialist is going to be enough to help him beat Trump in a general. If you actually read what I wrote in its entirety with intent of understanding instead of an emotional nonsensical reaction, you’d see that I’m NOT hyper confident in the “Trump Train” — I’m hyper confident in Trump beating a man going senile. Like I said in literally this blog post, Bernie has a real chance of beating Trump. Have a blessed day.

  • LD
    4 years ago

    Biden literally and medically speaking has a stutter. I wasn’t being hyperbolic about that. It’s something he’s opened up about having to deal with for his entire life. If you saw the most recent debates, you can tell he is definitely of “sound mind” (even in light of a few of his embarrassing blunders on the campaign trail) it was by far his best debate, and Biden’s clearly been getting professional speech lessons for his impediment.

    Trump couldn’t pronounce Coronavirus last week and has has more than enough ‘senile blunders’ than any President in recent history, so my point is that using THIS as your barometer for electability & being hyper-confident in Trumps reelection is still just….ironic? Funny? That mindset is the definition of “emotional nonsense” because what you don’t like about Biden projects directly onto Trump. His own former press secretary believes with confidence that Trump is going senile and shows signs of actual dementia.

    There is really never a safe bet during an election season (including if Bernie becomes the nominee); it all depends on voter turnout. That’s it. I have no idea who is going to win in November just like you don’t, but in the midst of a global pandemic there are a lot of factors in play, including a downturned economy that Trump can no longer ride on, and people wanting a sense of stability and comfort. This virus is 100% reshaping American politics for the foreseeable future. Whoever can make people feel hopeful of the next 4 years, is who will win.

    • The Pretty Patriot
      4 years ago

      Lol. Stay safe

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