8 YouTube Channels Every Millennial Should See (Not Viewable on Mobile)

I say every millennial and not conservative because while these eight youtube channels have a considerable shift to the right, with the stronghold that the left has over Hollywood and the media in general, more millennials need to hear the other side of the story from the other side, not from Jon Stewart, Parks & Rec or Lena Dunham.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t add more than 5 videos to the post, but I included links for the ones that I wasn’t able to add.

Steven Crowder is a comedian turned blogger that makes a combination of podcasts, man on the street videos, informative and funny videos that shed light on issues while making light of them in a (mostly) tasteful way.

Dan Joseph is a hilarious journalist from DC that explains issues and current events with a comedic twist, as well as creating many “man on the street” type videos where for the most part he just lets liberal lunacy speak for itself.

Truth Revolt Originals feature Andrew Klavan, Bill Whittle and probably the only guy I would pull a Charlotte for, Ben Shapiro. Klavan has a more comedic approach, Whittle has the classic (but beautifully executed) angry Republican dad telling everyone they’re stupid and they suck and that they need to get it together, and Shapiro is the hot nerd in class explaining to his liberal professors and classmates that they’re wrong.

Karen Straughan is a wildly intelligent Canadia men’s rights activists that makes videos about feminism, its flaws, its fallacies and everything in between. Her videos are lengthy (anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour) but I promise they are worth the watch.

Prager University mostly does infographic videos in a “reality for beginners” way that calmly explains the delusions of leftist thought.

PJ Media is a conservative think tank that features a great variety of right leaning figures making videos, often providing commentary on current events and hot topics in the media.

TL;DR – TL;DR or “teal deer” is a British guy that basically just finds videos of idiots being idiots, and explains why they’re idiots in great depth and detail.

Campus Reform – Campus Reform is an organization dedicated to exposing leftist bias on college campuses across the country, and provides an outlook and perspective that may very well be unavailable if not completely vilified at their school. Their contributors are often interviewed on major media outlets like Fox News and MSNBC, and they conduct man in the steet type interviews at schools across the nation about current events.



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