8 Simple Ways To Slim Down

I’ll be honest with you- there is no cheat code or shortcut to losing weight in a healthy, permanent way. If you want a better body, you need to adopt a better lifestyle; there’s no way around it. But while I have been making slow but sure changes to my diet and exercise habits, I’ve been extremely busy, and haven’t been as strict as I should. Nonetheless, I’ve lost a noticeable amount of weight, and while it can be a challenge at times, it’s not nearly as difficult as you’d think.

Becoming calorie conscious – This may seem straightforward enough, but I literally never paid attention to calories until I was trying to lose weight, and it made a world of difference. I try to generally limit myself to around 1000 calories per day, and pay much more attention to what I eat as a result of it. It’s a rough adjustment when you eat like a 300 lb man, and of course I’ve had slip-ups, but it’s not nearly as impossible as I thought it was.

Making healthier choices – This also probably seems like a no-brainer, but making simple (yet initially painful choices) like a tomato and egg breakfast sandwich on pita bread instead of a Big N’ Toasty from Dunkin Donuts dripping in grease makes all the difference.

Deleting the Dominos App – Freshman through junior year, the Dominos app was my best friend and worst enemy when I was drunk. I think I can certainly and shamefully admit that I’ve probably spent close to a thousand dollars on Dominos throughout my college career. The app made it far too easy for drunk me to betray sober me both physically and financially.

Caffeine pills – I stopped drinking coffee because I like it with as much sugar and cream that can fit in the cup, making me temporarily energized but permanently porky. To replace my daily doses of Dunkies, I ordered a $7 bottle of a hundred 200 mg caffeine pills that were much more cost effective than $4 per day on a medium iced coffee with 5 liquid sugars and an espresso shot, and actually sped up my metabolism as opposed to packing on pounds.

Drinking water – Instead of my go-to dining hall mixes of orange juice and lemonade or orange juice, cranberry juice and Sprite, I get fruit infused water. It’s not fun, but it’s also not fattening, and my skin has been in much better shape as well.

Switching to vodka – At the bar, I tend to be a Long Island girl. They taste relatively good and a maximum of two are pretty much guaranteed to get you drunk, making them usually cost effective (except for at CPAC where I paid $15 or more for one on more than one occasion 😒). However, the alcohols and mixers in Long Islands make them an alarmingly chunky choice. I’ve switched to Vodka Tonics, and only buy vodka at liquor stores as it’s the hard alcohol with the least caloric consequence, despite how much I love a good ole bottle of Anti-Freeze cinnamon whiskey.

Anticipating cheat days – Be smart. Don’t hashtag treatcho self on a Wednesday if you know that tomorrow is Thursday and you’ll probably end up drunk in a Burger King drive thru or ordering three slices of pizza at your local karaoke bar.

Being cheap – An easy way to avoid overeating is to avoid overspending. Food- good food especially- is expensive. Being thrifty is a great way to get skinny.




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  • “When I told your father I was pregnant he told me to get an abortion. After you were born he told me he had never been more wrong about anything in his life.” I’m pro-life, and I always have been. My mom was starting law school at Brown when she got pregnant with me a year younger than I am now. My biological father...wasn’t exactly boyfriend of the year to put things lightly, and as an Ivy League grad the world was literally my mom’s oyster. She was extremely religious and went to a very conservative church where a child out of wedlock would turn her into an outcast. Because like every last professed pro-life Christian, she wasn’t perfect. But this wouldn’t be a sin that she could hide or bury. She had every reason to make that appointment, but she chose not to.

Fast forward 24 years, and a really good friend of mine got pregnant at the same age my mom did, and I assumed she would keep it. She was in a stable relationship and even told me she wanted to start a family soon. And according to almost every conversation we’d ever had on the subject, she was pro life too. But she was panicking, and almost overnight her entire perspective changed. Ironically enough, just days before I attended my first March for Life, a good friend of mine got an abortion.

And I won’t lie; I was disappointed. Because like most abortions, it wasn’t the result of some freak accident of properly used but failed birth control. She was being careless. And while I did my best to make the case for keeping it without pressuring her, I completely understood her decision and didn’t judge her for a minute. Because what my friend needed more than opinions or condemnation was my support.

I am pro life, and I always have been. My views didn’t change, but my attitude did. I realized that week, after taking frantic phone call after frantic phone call, that life happens in a lot of different directions. Life happening for my mom meant a child at 24 and dropping out of law school. Life happening for my friend meant an abortion. And part of being pro life — for me at least — is being there for people in your life even when it challenges you.
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