Things Every High Schooler Should Know Before They Go To College

While out this weekend, I was particularly annoyed by the freshmen in my presence and thought I’d do a post about things I think that high schoolers should know before they come to college!

1. You’re probably a lot more annoying than you think you are. You’ll only understand this when you’re in college.

2. Start working out now. Form the habit early; the freshman 15 is not a myth and easily turns into the sophomore 30.


3. Your grades should be your priority. Missing out on a couple of lame high school parties will be well worth it when you can go to your dream school.

4. Play a sport. Not only does this help you get in shape but it can only do positive things for you.

5. Sleeping with/”dating” someone in college while you’re in high school is 11 times out of 10 a bad idea. There are exceptions, you won’t be one.


6. I 100% understand the appeal of sleeping with the (college) senior athlete as a (college) freshman, but don’t expect a relationship out of it.


8. Go to class, especially if your teachers take attendance. In the spring semester, save your absences for when it’s going to be nice outside.

9. Just because you can dress like a slob to class doesn’t mean you should.


10. Use protection. Colleges are hot beds of disease and there’s nothing cute about clinic trips. Popping Plan B like skittles is not only tacky but probably unhealthy.

11. If you’re going to a school with Greek Life prepare to rush. You’ll probably hate yourself forever if you don’t. SororitySugar is a great source.

12. Make a habit of being out of your room unless you’re sleeping or doing homework. You’ll have plenty of time to watch Netflix over winter break.


13. Get to know people that are nothing like you; you cheat yourself of some hilarious, life changing friendships by only hanging out with people from your walk of life.

14. Depending on what you do after college, it will probably be the only time you can get drunk on a Tuesday at 2 in the afternoon without being considered an alcoholic. Make the most of it.

15. Vodka is vodka, and whether it’s coming out of a $10 bottle or a $50 bottle it’s gross and going to get you drunk, so learn to stomach the burn of cheap, terrible alcohol coming from a plastic container. Also, tequila and Redbull go really well together.

16. Lying about your age or about the fact that you’re in high school to guys in college is not cute.


17. Make as many friends as possible in high school, because they’ll all want you to visit them at them after you graduate and you’ll get to go all over the country.

18. Work. You’re going to need to start saving up now to afford alcohol, drunk munchie food and sorority dues.

19. No one in college will care how cool you think you were in high school.



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