Responding to Ridiculous Thoughts About Baltimore

Police brutality is a serious issue plaguing our nation, but so is stupidity. Here are some of my responses to some of the stunningly stupid thoughts about Baltimore I’ve seen circulating the Internet

People are rioting because they’re fed up


Ok? Scream. Cry. Express your anger. But don’t try to climb to an ivory tower on the corpses of dead black people to justify this godless anarchy, or pretend that anyone lighting cop cars on fire or stealing cell phones is doing it for Freddie Gray or to end police brutality. You sound like those news anchors talking about kids who go on killing sprees, and how they were “bullied their whole lives.” Being “fed up” doesn’t absolve you of your responsibility to be a decent human being.

The police deserve it


Um, no. No they don’t. The ones that have acted outside of their duties and jurisdiction should lose their jobs and face prison sentences. They shouldn’t have to defend themselves from gullible high schoolers that are trying to reenact the 2nd Purge movie.

People care more about broken windows than an unarmed black man being killed by police


Maybe if there weren’t people throwing bricks at windows, lit torches at cop cars, and boulders at law enforcement, the media would be covering the actual issues, and not the savagery surrounding them.

Violent protests are effective


Effective at what exactly? Yes, there was violence in the 60s as black Americans fought for equality. But I’m willing to bet every penny in my bank account that I don’t owe my rights to some vintage low life capitalizing on chaos so they could rob a store while the actual revolutionaries were protesting.
You can’t condemn looting when this country was built on stolen labor in stolen land and stolen resources


I think considering the fact that virtually every country has participated in slavery among other grievous crimes against humanity, and that while the British introduced slavery to what is now known as America, the United States abolished it relatively quickly in relation to its founding, and that despite its economic benefits most people were able to conclude that it was wrong… Yes you absolutely can condemn looting. And of course America was in the wrong concerning its treatment of Native Americans, but that that’s generally how territory was gained in the context of history. Almost every border in the world has been drawn by war. I won’t speak on the stolen resources aspect because I don’t know enough about it, but I’m guessing you’re still a dumb hippie.
A riot is the language of the unheard


So, instead of writing your local congressman, rob CVS. Makes sense. Now that the world is listening all you’re telling them with your actions is that you couldn’t give a rat’s ass about your community, so why should they?

Property can be rebuilt but no one can give back the black lives that have been lost


Tell that to the pastor of the church that was building a affordable housing for senior citizens that was burned down. And you’re right, no one can give back the black lives lost. Especially not a 17 year old on twitter.

When white people riot over sports games no one bats an eye but when black people riot over things that matter we’re demonized


Who do you know that thinks sports riots are acceptable? The difference between sports riots and these “social justice” riots is that the sports riots are incited by drunk fans and last for a night. These social justice riots last for days, sometimes weeks on end, and while the sports riots are transparent in their ridiculousness, the social justice riots try to claim moral high ground when in reality they are hiding behind a “cause” to indulge in their own selfish, criminal vices.



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