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  • A lot of people are sharing a lot of opinions today about the mass shootings that took place over the weekend — especially concerning El Paso. And I am too. Link in bio. As always, read the whole thing before getting in your feelings. .
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  • Out there saving the ozone n shit
  • A lot of people had a lot to say about Hannah and Luke P on the bachelorette last week, and I did too. I know most people will be focused on the finale now, but I wanted to organize my thoughts in a way that made sense. Link in bio
  • Every time I find a new way to wear Lilly to the office I grow 3% more powerful
  • A vacation isn’t going to change your life. new blog post — link in bio.
  • Thicc thighs don’t just save lives they save ships 🐳
  • Just the 652nd picture that no one asked for of a random French territory in the Caribbean
  • Each palm tree represents a time I skipped the gym before vacation 🤠🤰🏾
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