How to Fall In Love With Your Reflection

– It is not the media’s job to teach you to love yourself, it’s the media’s job to make money. You are the only person responsible for your self esteem, and the sooner you realize that, the better off you’ll be.


– What you believe is beautiful shouldn’t be decided for you or dictated to you. Humans are naturally inclined to find beauty in signs of health and youth, so  clear skin and bodily symmetry are the only traits you haven’t been taught to find attractive. Rethink beauty. Define it for yourself, at a personal level, without societal interference.

– Avoid the “everyone is beautiful” bandwagon at all costs. Any confidence that you get from it will be false and fleeting, because at its core it makes absolutely no sense. Everyone isn’t beautiful, everyone isn’t smart, and everyone isn’t a gifted athlete. Even with individual beauty standards, it would be impossible for everyone to be considered attractive by one person. Instead of promoting an obviously stupid idea, we should promote the idea that your opinion of your appearance is the only one that matters.


– Stop equating your worth with how much attention you get on social media. Not only are instagram likes a terrible, completely inaccurate measure of how good looking you are (because let’s face it, if you’re showing some skin and/or have a lot of girl friends that you incessantly bitch about your body and face to, you’re bound to get a lot of likes and heart eyes under your pictures) but by doing so, you’re leaving your self esteem in the hands of other people.


– Take care of yourself. Keep your nails done, keep your eyebrow game on a hunna, stay shaved, and drink water. Invest in copious amounts of sweet smelling body sprays and lotions that make you smell like a high end baby prostitute. Take long showers and find face products that work for you.

– Have dignity in the way you look. Yoga pants and flip flops should not be worn outside of the house on a regular basis. Don’t be sloppy, and you won’t feel sloppy.

– Allow yourself to think highly of yourself. Contrary to popular belief, a high self opinion is not a crime. Allow yourself to regard yourself the same way you regard overrated celebrities. If it’s perfectly normal for you to ramble on about how “perf” Rihanna is, why is it wrong for you to think the same way about yourself? Celebrities are really just money and flattering lighting, so there’s no reason that you, an actual person without a professional photographer, shouldn’t be allowed to be a little cocky.


– Wear less makeup. Learn to like your actual reflection, and not the one you have after a thirty minute application process. It’s a lot easier to genuinely love the way you look when you’re not relying on MAC or Sephora to make you confident.

– Stop comparing yourself. There isn’t a finite amount of beauty in the world; it’s not a resource you have to compete for. Another girl’s beauty doesn’t have to belittle your own. Tika Sumpter and Brooklyn Decker are two completely different versions of beautiful, but they’re both gorgeous nonetheless.


– If you absolutely aren’t attractive, become really funny or develop another talent. Being facially challenged isn’t the end of the world.



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