The Double Standard: Makeup & Photoshop

For whatever reason, makeup never appealed to me. My friends would drag me to Sephora, and I’d find a place to sit while they browsed the through the aisles and aisles of overpriced products. I think it was senior year when I started wearing lip stick to school, and eventually started penciling my eyebrows in and wearing foundation.


Women are very explicit in expressing their disapproval of models being photoshopped and perpetuating “unrealistic beauty ideals,” but are makeup and cosmetic surgery really anything more than photoshop brought to life?


I think that every woman has a right to do as she pleases with her body, but it is absolutely hypocritical to perpetuate the use of makeup and plastic surgery, and glorify them because they give people “confidence” while raising pitchforks at the corporations that do the exact same thing to models, but with a digital program.


I know that someone will read this and say “But- but- but- it’s the media’s fault that women feel they need nose jobs and a Naked palette in the first place! So women can’t be held accountable!” And to that I respond, with the ever-cliche “you say you hate society but you are society.” Blaming the media, yet continuing to participate in the same kind of behavior makes you just as guilty. After a certain age, your problems are YOUR fault. Not society’s, not the media’s, not the president’s, not your parents’ and not the patriarchy’s.


Makeup is not inherently evil. Makeup is actually wonderful. But when you can no longer look your naked face in the mirror or be seen in public bare faced, you have a serious problem. Stop thinking of your beauty as something you put on in the morning and take off at night.




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