CNN Is Why We Need Bloggers Even Though We’re The Worst

I’d like to apologize for dropping the ball with content this week and not efficiently planning for the week. My life really does revolve around the Fourth of July; it’s like my version of the Chinese New Year. I cared a lot more about celebrating my country this week than banging out hot takes. As little interest as I had in the news cycles, I was plugged in enough to know that it was a rough week to work at CNN. Between Project Veritas and the wrestling meme, as Donnie Jr. put it “I was surprised they could actually stand.”

But the past week at CNN has proven to me how backwards and corrupt from the top down the mainstream media is. It is a hopeless industry void of purpose, integrity or meaning. Where they once sought truth, they now seek ratings and narrative-corroborating evidence in their ongoing war with the president. And call me crazy, but I think this is exactly why the world needs more bloggers.

Don’t get me wrong. As a blogger, I acknowledge that we are collectively one of the worst classes of human beings to emerge third maybe to only vegans and Instagram models. Bloggers categorically suffer from inflated egos, overestimated self importance, and unbearable self absorption. While journalists (in theory) break news and relay valuable information to the public, bloggers more often than not are giving their opinions on what’s going on in the world or providing quick summaries of stories that are already trending worldwide. Is anyone’s hot take going to save the world? Is the perspective of someone with a blue check mark on Twitter really that valuable? Will it change the course of mankind? No, it isn’t and no, it won’t. But neither will fake news selling their agendas as facts.

We don’t need bloggers because an op-ed is going to change the world or anyone’s opinions are that consequential. We need bloggers because at least in relation to the mainstream media, we’re mostly transparent about who we are, what we’re doing and what our objectives are. To put things in plain terms, we already have a bunch of overpaid bloggers at major news networks posing as impartial anchors and journalists. And what’s worse is that they’re hiding behind their corporate employers for legitimacy and playing the victim as they’re finally called out for the pitiful jobs they’ve been doing.

We need bloggers because the mainstream media has completely stripped itself of credibility. It’s a business with very specific interests that everyday Americans can’t rely on for the truth. Opinion should be presented as opinion and fact should be presented as fact. Nothing is objective, but unlike “journalists,” bloggers don’t have to pretend to be.

As a random nobody with a blog, I know that it’s a goofball title that no one takes seriously, and I respect that. Running your mouth online isn’t exactly open heart surgery. But I also know that because I’ve built this blog for myself and by myself and only have my own two feet to stand on, I actually care. I make literally zero efforts to hide my biases, but I care about producing good content and growing an audience that trusts me to a degree even if they don’t like me or agree with me. I’m sure that can’t be said for every poli sci bitch with a blog, but I’m sure it can be said for even fewer figures in the mainstream media. And that’s why platforms that are actually vulnerable to accountability are more trustworthy than giant companies with the world’s richest lawyers on retainer.



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