7 Most Overrated Things About College

Being Classy
I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it a thousand more times, but there is no one less classy or more annoying than the girl desperately trying to convince everyone that she’s princess Diana reincarnated. From the obnoxious pretension to the snide remarks to her less “sophisticated” peers, this girl is a living testimony to the fact that the more you have to say something, the less true it is. There is nothing regal about being too full of yourself to enjoy some of the best years of your life or relying on belittling others to build yourself up.


Excessive Yoloing
The only people that might be more irritating than the ones taking themselves too seriously are the ones not taking themselves seriously enough. We all embarrass ourselves in college, and that’s nothing to lose sleep over. But when your entire identity revolves around being a drunken slob and your growing collection of one night stands, it’s time to reevaluate. There’s a difference between having fun and giving up every ounce of your dignity in the name of a good time. Instead of choosing one extreme or another, aim for balance. Aim to be an Audrey as opposed to a Jackie or a Marilyn, or in more modern terms, a Beyoncé as opposed to a Kate Middleton or Kim Kardashian.

Expensive alcohol
After your freshman year, you’ll feel the pressure to slowly transform into a real person and stop drinking alcohol that comes out of plastic containers. And if I’m being completely honest, expensive alcohol is usually better tasting and easier to drink than its cheap counterparts, but it’s something to start enjoying in your 30s/whenever you stop eating ramen noodles. Alcohol is alcohol, and shitty liquor not only builds character, but gets you drunker faster. If you can barely afford your Netflix subscription stop trying to drink like the Rich Kids of Instagram.


I don’t know if I’m just genetically wired not to react to Adderall or the kids at my school are just charging people $20 for daily vitamins, but I don’t get it. I say you’re better off with 5 hour energies and Redbulls.


Being Single

One of the most frustrating things about college is people (mostly guys tbh) are so consumed with the idea of the crazy college years that they refuse to even consider the idea of romance. I’m all for utilizing youth, but relationships in college don’t have to be avoided like the plague. If you really care about someone, and don’t want them to be with anyone else, spare yourself the emotional roller coaster of friends with benefits. Be a man and bae her up.


Being In A Relationship

At the same time, though, we (girls and some guys on the more sensitive side) need to stop imagining baes where there are just hookups. We have to stop trying to force relationships at gun point and let things happen naturally. It’s perfectly fine to not want to sleep with someone you’re not in a relationship with, but don’t hold sex hostage in exchange for a relationship, because you’re setting yourself up for disaster. Go with the flow.

Weed/being a hipster

I have nothing against weed but it seems like when some college students start smoking nonstop, Bob Marley posters and wall tapestries magically appear in their rooms, they become profound “intellectuals” on social media, they start making atrocious fashion choices, and a false “appreciation” for cultures they know nothing about (and will never go on to actually educate themselves on) materializes out of thin air. I don’t have a problem with people that frequently smoke, but when you’re basically so many pothead cliches that you seem like a bad joke, you need to close your “third eye,” open your real eyes, and realize you look like an idiot.




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