A Few Thoughts To Motivate You To Keep Your Working Out/Healthy Eating New Year’s Resolution

Think about all the clothes you’ll have to throw out/give away if you don’t get your exercise and eating habits in order. Friends and romance have come in and out of my life, but this is a loss that I’m not sure I’d be able to cope with.

Realize that the longer you take to begin a healthier lifestyle, the harder it will be to start and the more fat you will get in the process. The best time for progress is always the present.

Think about hot old people, like Jennifer Anniston, and imagine yourself as a 40 year old that could get away with crop tops if she wanted to. That, my friends, is what victory looks like. When tragedy struck and Angelina Jolie stole her man, Jenny said no to the ice cream and self pity (or at least didn’t wallow in it for too long) and went the extra mile to guarantee she’d be an eternal smokeshow.


Be realistic. I know myself, and I know that I love freedom and grease far too much to ever to go full hippie and become a kale eating, gluten free vegan. My favorite Domino’s order was something I called “the Holy Trinity”: it was a large pizza with bacon, pepperoni and steak, and I’d usually eat the entire thing in one sitting. So while I’m not allowing myself to eat as disgustingly (or gloriously) as I once did, I am making changes for the better. I know that with my work and class schedule, I won’t be making it to the gym every day, but that I can make a commitment of at least twice a week.


Be consistent. It’s your body, and it’s your responsibility. You need to hold yourself accountable and break old, bad habits to make room for new ones. You need to discipline yourself and create a healthier lifestyle for yourself and stop being a slave to your own appetites and laziness.


Think about the summer.

Think about your frenemies and bitches you hate stalking your insta. First, picture the satisfaction seeing that you’ve tripled in chins and size. Then picture their horror at realizing that you’ve got a flat stomach, firm arms and an ass that just won’t quit.


Be positive. Don’t hate your body or envy others, but think of your body as the house you’ve grown up in and love, but with terrible wallpaper and tacky carpets, so it’s time for a renovation. Don’t go through magazines and get in a fit over celebrities that quite literally make a living off of looking good, and don’t compare yourself. Build the you that you want to be, and don’t cheat yourself by trying to imitate someone else.

Be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day and you won’t be either.




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