Riots For Me But Not For Thee

Sorry not sorry, but today was one of the funniest days in American history. I mean yeah, it was scary, but people on both sides of the aisle made complete hypocrites of themselves. And I can’t think of a better time to buckle up and examine how collectively stupid we’ve all become.

On the one hand we have leftists pearl clutching and couch fainting over what transpired today when they laid the foundation for this not just this summer, but over the course of four years. Did y’all think we forgot about the “not my President” marches in 2016, the Inauguration Day “protests,” the “Resistance,” the Russian Collusion CONSPIRACY that high ranking Democrats pushed every single year of Trump’s presidency? Y’all threw a tantrum when y’all didn’t get what you wanted, what did you think was going to happen when the tables turned?

And that’s not even getting into the commie LARPing. Y’all have been talking about guillotines, eating the rich, and putting political dissidents on “lists.” This summer, riots were “justified” and “revolutionary” and “the language of the unheard.”

Y’all said violence was an effective political tool — but of course you picked and chose which footage you wanted to pay attention to, so you could ignore videos of looters and arson and destruction and assault and call the protests “mostly peaceful.” Well, never fear — today was mostly peaceful too!

What’s the real issue here? Is it that right wing demonstrators were more successful than left wing demonstrators? Because the only real difference I see is that one got into more important buildings than the other.

Are we forgetting that Antifa and company commandeered entire city blocks of Portland and Seattle this summer — declaring themselves independent not only from their respective states’ authorities, but the United States government’s?

For the party of bELiEviNg tHe sCiEnCe an awful lot of people seem to have forgotten Newton’s third law: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction — and we’re living it baby!

The thing about extremists is they always think the ends justify the means, and they always think their cause is worthy.

Whether we’re talking about the Trump supporters today or BLM and Antifa types this summer, they thought they were doing what was right. They all think they’re the brave ones that will be written about for generations to come for doing what no one else would. They think they’re noble, and altruistic, and that history will look back on them fondly.

So the truth is, you can’t rationalize violence or riots when it suits you, because when your opposition does the same thing your only options are hypocrisy or silence.

What happened today was a stain on our nation’s history, and the sad part is I know that as shocking as what we saw today was, it wasn’t enough to make most people think twice about how we got here. They’ll close their eyes, cover their ears and blame the other side the way they always have, go to sleep, and do the same thing again tomorrow.

Also, for the love of all that is good and pure, I need conservatives to stop acting like everyone in the Capitol was an Antifa infiltrator/instigator. I’m not ruling out the possibility of some leftists posing as Trump supporters and deliberately sowing chaos, but I saw a Trump supporter I’ve followed for years on video storming the Capitol. Our side is far from perfect people — get a grip.

Today was much worse than a wasted opportunity. This summer turned a LOT of people off to the political Left — and in one day, these self proclaimed revolutionaries probably turned off just as many (if not more) people. But more than anything, I fear today’s stunt gave the Left what they needed to start treating the political right as a whole like domestic terrorists, and fast tracked the one party state they wanted to prevent. I know this is exactly what some people wanted. They start salivating at the mere mention of civil war, and know this kind of discord is exactly how they achieve it.

But for those of us that think America — whole America — is worth fighting for, this was a dark, demoralizing day. Nevertheless, it was a hilarious reminder of how obtuse and self deluded the majority of our politics are.



  • Wtf
    3 years ago

    A federal cop is on life support and about to die, after a pro-trump lunatic hit him in the head with a fire extinguisher.

    I’m legitimately embarrassed for you that this was the “funniest” day in American history in your world. Pathetic.

    • The Pretty Patriot
      3 years ago

      I take it back. Yesterday wasn’t the funniest day in American history — today was. Nothing more hilarious than the false indignation from inept clowns pretending to be illiterate and incapable of any discernment while they move goal posts from a moral high ground that doesn’t exist. Bravo! Say it with your chest next time pussy.

  • Wtf
    3 years ago

    Aw you’re embarrassed and trying to do damage control, cute. It’s weird that you automatically just assume I’m on a specific side of the political isle just because I’m calling you out. Absolute clownery. I’m a moderate who enjoys listening to various sides of the political isle and sorry “but not sorry”, this hot take of yours sounds like a middle schooler. Not everyone in the world is either a liberal pearl clutcher or a trump cultist. That is a disappointing and immature way to view the world. There is literally nothing funny about what’s happening this week. We’re you aware of the 4 people dead and federal officer who is on life support when you wrote this mess? Or was your rush to compare it to BLM protests more important than anything else? Forming an opinion 3 seconds after something major happens just because you work in the field doesn’t make you smart.

    • The Pretty Patriot
      3 years ago

      Not wasting the time reading something you didn’t believe in enough to say with your chest but I’m happy for you or sorry that happened!

  • Wtf
    3 years ago

    *correction. He is dead. So I guess he was murdered on now what is considered to be the “funniest” day in American history for you.

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