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What To Wear To A Classic Rock Concert If Your Wardrobe Isn’t Very….Rock n’ Roll

I’m going to a Tom Petty concert tomorrow with two of my best friends. I couldn’t be more excited because A) I haven’t seen any of my New York friends in months and B) I’m a sucker for 80s jams. There’s no denying that Tom Petty is a cornerstone of classic American throwbacks, but he’s not one of my faves. American Girl is OBVIOUSLY a Pretty Patriot anthem, but I’m much more so of a Fleetwood Mac/Hall & Oates/Men At Work kinda girl. So I’ve been trying to learn the words to the hits for the last few days so I don’t look like a complete idiot. We’ll see how that goes.

The friends I’m going with are guys, which is fun because, let’s be real; guys are more fun to drink with. You might have to prevent a fight, but no one ends the night drunk crying. The downside of going to a concert with guys is deciding what to wear because guys don’t care.

“What are you wearing?”
“Um…a shirt…jeans…idk.”

My wardrobe is mostly preppy but with a good amount of eccentric and trendy pieces. But I don’t have a lot of clothes that exactly scream “Tom Petty concert” or any classic rock concert for that matter.

It should come as no surprise that I care (probably too much) about presentation, so I’m thinking wayyyy too hard about what I’ll be wearing. But in my defense, I’ve barely gone out this summer and I want to look good! So I’ve gone through my entire dresser and closet in search of something that won’t make me look like a suburban mom trying to get her groove back tomorrow night. Basically, I grabbed anything that wasn’t the color of an Easter egg.

This is what I’ve been able to come up with. (Sorry for the low quality photos; still haven’t made that iPhone 7+ update and didn’t feel like asking my mom to take pictures of me with my DSLR)


What Should I Wear?

  • Fringe Shirt (31%, 11 Votes)
  • Black Tank (22%, 8 Votes)
  • White Boho Shirt (17%, 6 Votes)
  • Striped Halter (14%, 5 Votes)
  • Dress (8%, 3 Votes)
  • All of these suck (8%, 3 Votes)

Total Voters: 36

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  • Austen
    2 years ago

    Ooh great alternatives for girls who aren’t as rock n roll!

  • Lexi
    2 years ago

    These outfits are gorgeous! I voted for the striped halter because it looks the most ’80s of all the outfits, perfect for Tom Petty! Have so much fun at the show!

    • The Pretty Patriot
      2 years ago

      Thank you! I’m so excited!

  • Tim Ovel
    2 years ago

    Third photo outfit two thumbs up!! Sexy, but demure…

  • My favorite is the black tank! I think you look the best in it and it’s pretty rock and roll. I’m actually having this dilemma because I’m going to a Taking Back Sunday concert tomorrow and I don’t know what to wear! It’s so punk rock from the early 2000’s and I’m having major high school flash backs. So this post has definitely given me some inspiration. Thanks!

  • Mandy
    2 years ago

    Fringe shirt looks good to me.

    Enjoy the journey!

  • Gillian
    2 years ago

    I think the fringed top and shorts are very summer rock concert. The white boho top is good too but I’d do a very light spagetti strap tank underneath so it looks more gypsy-ish.
    You are going to have a great time Tom Petty concerts are awesome.

  • Madeline
    2 years ago

    Love Tom Petty! I voted for the white boho top just cause I think it is super cute!

  • Sharon
    2 years ago

    Love the ripped jeans and black tank. Super cute!

  • Lindsay
    2 years ago

    Fringed top is the best girl! Enjoy your time 😉

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