You’re Undocumented, I’m Afraid


We all know that feelings mean much more to Democrats than facts ever will, which is why it should come as no surprise that CNN was recently discussing whether or not anchor baby was a nice word, as opposed to the ramifications of anchor babies on the United States of America.

The term “anchor baby” describes a child born to illegal immigrants on US soil, who, as of now, is automatically granted citizenship for the remarkable accomplishment of being born after their mother sneaks into the country.

I get that people are coming here to give their kids opportunities and make better lives for themselves (although the Mexican economy ain’t doing too shabby). The kids are here through no fault of their own, but they’re also here through no merit of their own, or their parents’. I don’t care how harsh the truth sounds; people that come here illegally aren’t entitled to citizenship, and their kids shouldn’t be either.

We basically have a sign on our border that says “you can stay as long as you’re pregnant,” and it makes no sense from any logical standpoint. As long as we keep distorting the 14th amendment in favor of birthright citizenship, people will continue to come here illegally. One of the many issues with people coming here illegally is that there’s no way to tell who’s coming here with honest intentions from the criminals. You may be “undocumented and unafraid,” but I’m very afraid of the national security risk posed by illegal immigration, and people coming here without any proof of their pasts or who they are.

It’s my personal belief that you can’t believe in American exceptionalism and birthright citizenship. If in your heart, you believe that there’s something truly special about this country, you understand that a woman pushing out a kid a few feet from the Rio Grande doesn’t give them any understanding of what it means to be an American, or the right to call themselves one.

Does being born on American soil really make you an American? Does being born in water make you a dolphin? Does being born near a Clinton make you a liar? I don’t think so. You can call me a racist xenophobe if that makes you feel any better, but I’m still right. We need a system that works for the American people, not just people that happened to be born in America.



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