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Wordy Wednesday: Determination


I’ve really been struggling with getting out a good post in this last week, and even though I just finished my internship and have more time on my hands, I’ve had a terrible case of writer’s block! As the school year gets closer and closer, I will have less and less time to blog but I want to make sure that I’m posting at least twice a week. I’ve decided to try “Wordy Wednesdays” for when I’m in a mental rut, and gather 10 – 25 quotes pertaining to a coherent theme. So without further ado, I present the first Wordy Wednesday!

In the spirit of going back to school and all of the academic, personal and sorority goals I have, this week’s theme is determination, motivation and inspiration.




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  • If I can’t get in shape in my early 20s, it’s never going to happen and I’ll be well on my way to lane Bryant underwear by the time I’m 30. Time to get it together 🙃 .
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  • Wait I thought the women’s march was yesterday
  • “When I told your father I was pregnant he told me to get an abortion. After the first time he held you he said he had never been more wrong about anything in his life”
  • I took it upon myself to finish Hannah’s beer bc I don’t believe in alcoholic beverages left behind and it tasted like the Great Depression
  • The only part of being an adult that I like is having a room that’s not covered in newbury comics posters
  • Imagine if MLK didn’t do his thing and how much less lit my snap/insta stories would be if I wasn’t best friends w this hillbilly
  • Damn gurl how u get so problemat(h)icc 🙈😍💦 😤💯
  • I came. I saw. I dropped my drink.
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