Should You Start A Local?

**I’ve noticed a serious lack of resources for members of local sororities, and while mine is still a work in progress itself, I plan on dedicating a good portion of this blog to local Greek Life. Obviously, I have the utmost respect for the NPC and believe they provide a great model that local chapters should strive for, but there are some areas that local chapters will struggle with because they don’t have the massive networks or support as national organizations.**

You need to have a great reason for wanting to start a sorority of your own, because while it will be worth it in the long run, it will become like a full time job and require unwavering persistence.


If you go to a school where Greek Life is a big deal already, it would be in your best interest to look into pledging a sorority that is already on your campus, because the chances are there is one for you. Also, there is a strong likelihood of it being difficult to attract desirable PNMs to a brand new sisterhood trying to stand on its own two feet with so many established, wealthy, dynamic chapters. It’s like comparing a staggering baby deer to a galloping, muscular buck.


Nothing is impossible, but founding a sisterhood that will stand the test of time will be much harder in this predicament. If you rush and find that you aren’t compatible with any of the sororities, you may want to look into colonizing a sorority that isn’t on campus before opting to start a local sorority.

If you go to a school with a more quaint Greek Life, a local sorority may be a more viable option. If you only have four or five sororities to choose from and none of them rub you the right way after rush you can look into colonizing a chapter for a preexisting sorority, or starting your own. Either way you’re leaving a legacy, and it will be much easier to explain to your administration and your student body what you plan to bring to campus with a new organization.

If you’re at a school that refuses to recognize Greek Life, like mine, local is the way to go, because unlike national organizations, local GLOs do not need the recognition of a school to be “legitimized”. (In some cases, a school does not recognize a chapter of a national sorority but it is still “official” and recognized by their national governing body as well as Panhel). This is a great deal of work that comes with a great deal of pride, because essentially, you’re putting yourselves in the positions of the great women that founded some of today’s most notorious sororities. What’s important to keep in mind, though, is that you are 100% liable for your sorority. If anything goes wrong, you have no nationals to help you clean up your mess and your school will take no responsibility for any mishaps. You also have no financial support, so a good deal of your hard earned money may very well go into getting your sorority off the ground. This is just my opinion, but missing out on buying a dress or pair of shoes here and there because you’re investing in a legacy is money well spent.



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