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Romphim Actually Made Reversed Gender Roles Hilarious

Yesterday, men’s fashion was introduced to perhaps the most iconic wardrobe piece of summer 2017. The romphim is here.

Though the male romper or “romphim” as it’s been coined has existed for quite sometime, the concept is just recently gaining traction. A group of creatives claim that a beer fueled discussion of the limits of men’s fashion led to the idea of “romphim.” And as you might have guessed, the internet had a field day.

If you know me, you know that I like gender roles pretty much the way they are, and I think there’s a reason they’ve existed for literally thousands of years. But the romphim had the masses reversing gender roles yesterday, and it’s hysterical. 

Instead of torturing myself with Russia/Comey news I opted for romphim inspired memes, and could not be happier with my decision. Between this and the Avril Levigne conspiracy I have been reminded of the benefits of the asteroid that ended the dinosaurs making humankind possible.

Maybe I’m a depraved degenerate, but I don’t completely despise the idea of a male romper. If a Bumble date showed up in one and could actually pull it off, I think I’d be impressed. Do you know how confident and comfortable in your sexuality a straight man has to be to caught in public in a romphim in 2017? He also probably is built like a Greek god if he looks good in it, so there’s another plus.

There’s something inherently funny about such a feminine staple being repurposed for straight men. This is the man bun on steroids, but only time will tell if this will live to be more than a meme.



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