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My Favorite Right Wing Instagram Baddies

Instagram. It’s the best and the worst at the same damn time. I’m a very visual person, and enjoy Instagram as a platform more so than any other social networking app. But it also happens to be the app that gets us the most caught up in the rat race of comparison, jealousy and self loathing. While highlighting the best moments of our lives in our best angles, lighting, and filters it also bring out the worst in people. All too many of us stare at our phones after posting a picture waiting for likes to pour in like crackheads waiting for a fix. And we all have that one friend who put one Yetti butt picture up, got caught up and basically turned into full blown Instagram thots because they were hooked on the attention. It’s tragic.

But there are upsides to the app.

I hate when people talk about supporting people for the sake of demographic solidarity. I’m not going to support anyone just because they’re women or not white. Sorry, but just because we were born with a few biological characteristics in common doesn’t mean I like you — and it obviously doesn’t mean anyone else likes me 😂.

But I love seeing other young right of center women flourish and thrive, because we actually have more in common than skin color and chromosomes. We share beliefs that many of us are constantly attacked for. We share a worldview that many of us are continuously asked to apologize for. We face the unrelenting hypocrisy of a self righteous left that insists it empowers and respects “women and people of color” while habitually degrading us.

Yet we still kick ass and take names on a regular basis, and I love being able to see that on Instagram.

I mean after all, Ann Coulter said it best.

Like most girls, I spend 90% of my time on Instagram looking at my own profile and rewatching my own story. After all, it’s an art. But when I’m not admiring my own on point aesthetic or laughing at my own captions, I’m scrolling through both my feed and the discover page. And I have to say, I feel like liberals are way better at Instagram than conservatives. As much as I may roll my eyes at the protest pics and anti-Trump captions, they seem to understand and utilize the platform much more effectively than their conservative counterparts. But there are many exceptions, and I follow most of them. So without further ado, here are my favorite right wing Instagram baddies.

These were listed in no particular order; and are just a few of the many bright and beautiful pro-America babes that I follow.

Alexa A.

fall tings part 19372 :)🍁

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Joanna B.

When the highlight is 💯➡️➡️

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Lauren P.

'And I got into some trouble with that drink in my veins.

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Corrie C.

You tell 'em baby

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Kaitlyn L.


As if! 💖🛍💁🏽 #Clueless #22YearsAgoToday PC: @brandy.roll

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Lexi L.

God Bless America.🇺🇸🛥🏙

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Aaaand it appears as though I’ve reached my limit for linked Instagram pictures.

Kalley E.

Jennifer D.



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  • The rumors are true people, I really am best friends with the DEA agent that took down Pablo Escobar 😩💯👨🏼
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  • I know that posting selfies is like tacky or whatever but this is the only pic I have of me from this night and I look cute and I’m also having a terrible week so like...let me live and just like my pic lol
  • *******long caption warning******
On August 10th I applied to a job, not thinking much of it. It was just another click on LinkedIn that I doubted would lead anywhere. •
On August 25th, HR contacted me while I was on my way to visit a friend. I was actually pre-annoyed, assuming it would just be another disappointment and waste of time and energy. But I sent in my cover letter and writing test anyway.
On August 30th, I had my phone interview, and for the first time in a long time, I was actually optimistic. I knew I had nailed it, and this wasn’t a job I was entertaining because I needed the money — I actually wanted it. I couldn’t keep my excitement to myself. •
On September 21st I flew down for my interview, and actually cancelled another interview in the area because I didn’t want to waste my time. I knew what I wanted. •
And on September 27th I was offered the job. •
But throughout this process, as hard as I worked and as hard as I tried to prove myself, I was anything but self assured. Up until the day I got the call, I was frantically checking my email, bracing myself for the ever dreaded “we’ve decided to move forward with other candidates.” •
I had actually forgotten my own value, because it had been so long since someone else had recognized it...and weirdly enough it felt that much better when I was finally reminded of who I am and what I’m capable of.
Now I’m a fundraiser and no offense but I’m like...fucking killing a $40B industry...for causes I actually care about.
The fear and insecurity so many of us feel at this stage of our lives can be debilitating, but it’s also what makes our successes that much sweeter.
I failed and was rejected month after month and was scared to death that I would be a loser for the rest of my life.
It’s ok to be afraid, but it’s never ok to stop trying #deadass #myguy
  • I donut want to be a productive member of society today 😭
  • Help me find this Cindy Lou Who lookalike aka my platonic soulmate that stalked waiters handing our hors d’oeuvres with me at this Christmas party that I unfortunately met before the smartphone era 😩🙏🏾 @theellenshow @realdonaldtrump
  • Honestly keep your tax and healthcare reform and just give me brunch 7 days a week and we can call it even
  • ********long ass caption warning ******** I’m a digital copywriter for a conservative fundraising firm. I’ll leave it at the fact that it’s lit and I’m doing well to avoid sounding like a 🍆. •
I don’t like announcing tingz on social media outside of the realm of me wanting Taco Bell and a boyfriend, but I know a lot of people that graduated with me are struggling with their careers and a sense of direction whether or not they ever admit it. •
At my last job I never felt good enough, and part of that was definitely my fault. But it also just wasn’t what I was supposed to be doing. I learned A LOT and worked with brilliant people, but I genuinely feel like I had no opportunities to utilize my talents. •
It’s like night and day compared to my current job, that I’ve been at for a month and my manager is already having conversations with the CEO about my future and potential for growth at the company. •
As long as it took me to find it, I’m doing something related to my degree that I’m actually good at and that I enjoy. (Money, politics, and writing...I mean come on now) •
As bleak as your options may feel at the moment — I genuinely believe there’s something out there for everyone. Sometimes you suck, sometimes your job sucks, but sometimes you just haven’t found where you belong yet
  • When the fake oppressed alt right crybabies hate you and the fake oppressed social justice crybabies hate you it’s a good sign that you’re probably right 🤷🏾‍♀️
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