Outspiration: Lazy Sophistication

Lazy sophistication by senseijahnal featuring a chanel perfume Marni gray crop top / Dr. Denim high rise jeans, $62 / Seychelles short boots / Isabel Marant crystal necklace, $415 / MARC BY MARC JACOBS stainless steel jewelry, $255 / Burberry scarve / Prada cat eye sunglasses / Wide brim hat / Stila eyeliner / INIKA mineral eye makeup, $30 / Lips makeup / Chanel perfume, $150



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  • They say Virginia is for lovers but between all the breweries and wineries I’m starting to think it’s for bougie alcoholics
  • Is that a border wall brick in ur pocket or are u just happy to see me
  • Another derby pic bc I’m finally living the life I was robbed of in college 🤷🏾‍♀️ Didn’t find my husband but didn’t lose my phone, keys or ID so I call it a win
  • I’m sure after this has been up for an hour I’ll finally think of the perfect caption
  • Didn’t bet on any horses but I found 5 girls in their 20s in DC that like making america great again, Lilly and day drinking so I guess I got a little lucky 🐎🤷🏾‍♀️
  • Avocadon’t talk to me until this week is over 🙃💩
  • When dumbass 17 year old you makes a decision that slightly less dumbass 24 year old you actually doesn’t regret >>>>>>
  • Who needs an Instagram husband when you have an Instagram hannah
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