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On Wednesday night during a private dinner on behalf of Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker and potential 2016 presidential candidate, Rudy Giuliani made remarks that challenged Obama’s love of America.

As taboo as it may be to question the Commander in Chief’s love of his country, I think that as Americans, we have not only rights, but duties, to scrutinize and ask questions, whether or not those questions are politically correct.

Whether or not you respect the President as a person or support his actions (or lack thereof), I firmly believe that a certain level of respect must be payed to the highest office of the United States. I believe that the public can often be too harsh towards elected officials. However, it was Reagan that said that freedom is only one generation away from extinction, and we cannot preserve our freedoms if our government and its officials are put on a pedestal, where we aren’t allowed to question their values or motives.

Republicans are more patriotic than Democrats. I’m not saying that because I’m a Republican, I’m saying it because it’s true. While I’m sure that there are some liberals that love America the way that I do, I think that liberal and conservative patriotism are generally very different things. In my experience, Democratic patriotism can be encompassed in the Hubert Humphrey quote; “what we need are critical lovers of America – patriots who express their faith in their country by working to improve it.” As honorable as an idea as that is, more often than not, I feel that the mentality is used as a guise for an underlying shame and disdain for our nation, and a commitment to transforming it.

I have no problem acknowledging my country’s crimes or shortcomings, but to me, they don’t define America. Unlike the First Lady, who wasn’t proud of her country until her husband was elected President in 2008, I am constantly overwhelmed at the beauty and privilege of what it means to call myself an American.

The liberal narrative is built on oppression, righting past wrongs, and “equality.” I think that many liberals would like to think they love America, but in reality, the farther left they lean, the more they love their vision for America (wealth redistribution, collectivism, etc.) more than they love actual America or American ideals of rugged individualism and limited government.

For many (on both sides of the line), patriotism is a gimmick. It’s an instagram picture on 9/11 and an outfit on the Fourth of July, but the words are empty and lack the faith and passion of conviction. Obama has made brilliant speeches that praised our nation and its people, but I’m unable to take his accolades as anything more than a tool to rally an audience. While I won’t say that his patriotism is a gimmick, from his socialist, vocalized Anti-American mentors, to his treatment of the military to his constant apologies on behalf of America, I’m forced to think that Obama doesn’t love the United States the way I do.



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