How to Create An Instagram Theme In 4 Easy Steps

For a while, I honestly just stopped caring about social media. I didn’t care about having an Instagram theme, how many likes I got or getting more followers. I was so busy with my work that I barely had time to focus on things so trivial. But following my firing, I’ve had time to refocus and figure out my priorities. And I’ve come to the conclusion that I love blogging, and that I want to make this my full time job. If that’s ever going to happen, I have to take social media- and especially Instagram- seriously. I have to get serious about understanding and utilizing social media to its full advantage to promote a brand and take it to the next level.

I have always been jealous of people with beautiful, cohesive Instagram themes. I’ve tried all kinds of different tips and tricks, looked up articles and just haven’t been able to get the results I wanted. No matter what I tried, my Instagram theme was nonexistent, and looked nothing like the feeds of my favorite influencers. 

Once I finally figured out the secret formula, I felt incredibly stupid for how long it took me to crack the code, because as you’ll soon see it’s not that hard at all. I’m sure there are plenty of other ways to achieve a visually pleasing Instagram theme, but this is how I get mine:

Constantly be taking pictures. This is more for bloggers and people interested in growing their social media, but daily posting is great not only growing your account but for keeping a theme. It’s better to have a bunch of Instagram-worthy pictures on the back burner than to try to figure out what you’re going to put on Instagram that day.

This seems obvious enough, but choose either white borders or no borders at all– don’t combine the two. It looks terrible. I promise no one cares that much about the fraction of your picture that you couldn’t fit into the diameter permitted by Instagram. Or the panorama you took.

In my opinion, Instagram filters are trash. Choose one filter you like on VSCO cam and use the same one. A lot of bloggers use the bright white themes, and I personally just don’t like that for my own feed. I know every picture doesn’t look great with the same filter, but by slightly editing pictures by playing around with brightness/contrast/etc it’s easy to fix that. 

Use an Instagram planning app like Preview to figure out when to post what. The app puts everything in the three column Instagram format and shows you how everything looks together – perhaps the most important element in an Instagram theme. Without an app like this it’s easy to post the wrong pictures at the wrong days and completely throw off your flow.




  • Jessica
    8 months ago

    I love the bright white theme, but I don’t think it’s for me either! It’s way too much to keep up with. I pretty much use the same or similar VSCO filters on all my photos as well. Great tips girl!

  • Valerie
    8 months ago

    These are great tips..I have been following some of them..I just cant seem to get a cohesive feed,..the prob..all my pics have different colors of backgrounds and VSCO seems a bit complicated to use..I really want to step it up too!


  • Jessica Sheppard
    8 months ago

    Great post! So helpful. I’m always looking for ways to improve mine. Wonderful tips and perspectives for improvement. I need to be more intentional about taking pictures…thanks for the inspo!

  • I do the same! I like my pictures to be quite bright and crisp and make sure to repeat similar colours over and over. right now I have a mix of yellow, blue, mint and pink (sounds worse than it looks haha)
    Thanks for the tips!
    xx, Theresa

  • Betsy
    8 months ago

    I need to plan out when I post more. I can definitely tell there are better times, just need to track!

  • Maintaining an Instagram theme is so much work – but I love the results! Thanks for the tips & grats on cracking the code, girl!

    xx, Kayla ♡ //

  • Julie
    8 months ago

    Honestly I am so glad I seen this because my Instagram is all over the place. Thanks for sharing!
    Julie *

    7 months ago

    There is a specific theme that I ve been trying to achieve on my Instagram, but no matter how much I manipulated the color scheme, it couldn t come out exactly the way I want.

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