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Why I’m Happy I’m Single On Valentine’s Day

I’m going to start this off by saying that if you’re in a committed, fulfilling relationship that makes you happy and celebrating this day with the person of your dreams, congratulations. Seriously. I’m happy for you and you are literally goals. Enjoy your day and post all the annoying Snapchats/Instas your heart desires. Live your best life.


Now that the annoying couples are gone, I can be honest. JK lol but this post is for the single people today.


Here’s what I want you to know:

  1. It’s okay — dare I say it healthy — to admit you’re lonely/you want a relationship.
  2. And as annoying as a lot of couples are, constantly bashing Valentine’s Day makes you look bitter whether or not you are.
  3. As much as today may suck, you’re better off single today than wasting years of your life in a dead end relationship.


I feel like my generation is either too sensitive and expressive or too afraid of embarrassing themselves to communicate like adults or be honest with themselves (or anyone else for that matter) about their emotions. People are either constantly retweeting Post Malone parody accounts with recycled, generic quotes about heartbreak and betrayal, or they’re pretending to be perfectly happy and content when they aren’t at all.


I feel like single girls my age especially feel like they’re pathetic or weak for admitting that they want love and companionship because we were all raised in a Girl Power era where “wanting a man” became a sign of frailty and incompetence when we were all supposed to be Independent & Empowered. But reality, it’s completely natural.


You should obviously know how to be by yourself and be comfortable with yourself, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting a relationship. I love my friends with all my heart, but I’m tired of bringing them to company events. Dating is fun, but it’s exhausting. And hello…everyone’s Insta is better when they’re cuffed. Kidding, but still.


I like to think that in a relationship, I’d be less annoying than other couples on social media — but let’s be real. If I break a nail, Instagram and Snapchat know about it, so if I was in love I’m sure they’d know about it too.


So I try not to bash couples on Valentine’s Day because as cringeworthy as some people can be, I think that true love is something to be celebrated even if it makes us all gag once in a while. And if/when it happens for us, we’ll probably be just as bad.


But the truth is that most people’s relationships actually suck. I don’t say this because I’m bitter — it’s just the truth. Based on my observations in college and postgrad, I’d guess that 5-10% of what seems like #relationshipgoals on social media are relationship goals in real life. People are trapped in relationships that are anywhere from mediocre to miserable because they don’t know if they can do better or they don’t think the stress of the breakup is worth it.


I know about 2.5 couples in real life worth actually envying, but overall I’ve realized that I’d rather be single on Valentine’s Day than with someone I’m not crazy about and who’s not crazy about me. I’d definitely rather be single on Valentine’s Day than in a relationship that doesn’t inspire me, and I’d rather be single on Valentine’s Day than in a relationship that I’m constantly second guessing.


So whether you’re single or taken, Happy Valentine’s Day — as long as you’re happy too.


  • Dia Darling
    7 days ago

    Yes! I’m single, would I be open to sharing my life with the right person? Sure. I do think there is a fine line. I mean as far as I’m concerned this is just another Wednesday. I’m happy for all the people who had a good day because of romantic love, I’ve had an amazing day for other reasons. Single people need to stop thinking all couples are happy and couples need to stop thinking all single people want what they have. Let’s just let each other be lol

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