Some Honest Thoughts About High School

I’m back at home for the summer.

imageI was a friendless loser in high school (I still am, I just dress a lot better and go out more often) and because of that, summer isn’t what it’s supposed to be. It’s not picking up where I left off over winter break with my best friends since I was 15. It’s not a million new inside jokes. It’s not spontaneous day drinking beach trips with my buddies. It’s me, feeling like I’m watching everyone fuck the shit out of life and grab summer by the testicles as I awkwardly try to hold life’s hand and get a text back from summer.

imageIn high school, I was kind of a hipster. I thought I was better than everyone because they wore Uggs and yoga pants to school every day, and I wore Doc Martens and shirts from thrift stores. I actually looked like an idiot, but no one had the heart to tell me, and if anyone did I’d probably just call them  uncultured swine and go on some tangent about conformity and Eurocentrism. I spent all this time around other artistic bohemian souls, and while some of them were brilliant and changed my life forever, a lot of them were painfully vapid. I’ll never forget the time I heard two of my acquaintances talking about walking barefoot in train stations to “feel the energy.”

imageI assumed so much about people I didn’t know and barely interacted with. I couldn’t stand the guys yelling penis or making “I left it at my house” jokes anymore than I could stand the girls cackling obnoxiously in the dining hall over something that couldn’t possibly have been that funny. I went to a few parties after I graduated, and that’s when all of my regrets resonated with me. I saw these people not as the staunch generalizations I’d made about them, but as individuals with hearts and personalities and experiences of their own that made them complex human beings. In my limited exchanges with them, they were hilarious and fun to be around.

imagePeople say that high school isn’t a popularity contest, but it kind of is, and it’s not one you have to win, but it’s worth participating in. You obviously don’t have to be liked by everyone and you should never compromise yourself to gain approval, but the more people you’re on friendly terms with, the better. There were some people in high school that I’d notice actively pursuing popularity and while I thought it was/still think it is pathetic, it definitely worked out for them. Simply put, more friends means not only more parties in the summer and schools to visit during the school year, but more perspective. The more people you can relate to from different walks of life, the better of a person you will ultimately be.

imageThe relationships you form in high school may not define you for the rest of your life, but they mean something. Assuming someone is a plebe before you really give them a chance kind of makes you a plebe, my friend.

imageSince high school, I’ve turned in the studs for pearls and the Jeffrey Campbells for Jack Rogers (not literally but figuratively #toobroke #canigetanamen)- and not because I’m trying to be something I’m not, but because I’ve changed. A lot. As much as I lament the way I lived my life, from my social choices to my academic efforts, I have a feeling things happened exactly as they should have. I’ve learned from my mistakes, and I hope that some self righteous angsty teenager with special snowflake syndrome will read this and grow up.




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  • “You’ll never get a job because of your blog” - a Bitch that was cold while I was horseback riding on the beach
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  • “Wow it sucks that your job only took you to Punta Cana for a weekend”

The same people wondering why they’re so miserable are the same ones trying to find something negative to say about a free vacation lol. Good things happen to those who are grateful
  • Not gonna lie, both of these pictures bother me a lot and I was tempted to edit and had a lowkey nervous breakdown looking at them and I’m not saying that for disingenuous sympathy “ur perf” comments but bc it’s real and I caught myself and even though we all are projecting curated versions of our lives on here to an extent we can at least make a choice to what degree we participate in fake toxic 🐃💩. Also while some people might not understand why these pictures are so upsetting to me, when you know what your body is capable of and how far below that standard you are I believe it’s completely normal and healthy to be disappointed in yourself and want to do better. But if you’re going to edit your body in pics it should be with diet and exercise not Facetune and filters. So hopefully posting bikini pics will suck less in the summer lol
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