Happy Equal Pay Day; Here’s Your Annual Reality Check

It’s Equal Pay Day, and you know what that means; another opportunity to trigger feminists with facts and truth. We’ve seen everyone from the President of the United Statesto famous actors and actresses preach about the importance of equal pay, and insist that women are still being cheated by employers and being paid less solely because of their gender. And, to an extent, I guess that’s true.


On average, women work less hours than men, choose to go into lower paying fields like social sciences and education, and take less dangerous jobs. So women are paid less than men because they choose to be. When men and women work the same jobs and hours, and qualifications are taken into account, young women actually out-earn their male counterparts.

But that doesn’t mean that women have nothing to be upset about in regards to the obstacles they face in trying to achieve success. Women have plenty to be upset about. They should be outraged that liberal politicians have continuously touted misleading “wage gap” statistics and patronized women by insisting that they can’t make their own choices and prove their own worth to their employers, and that they need the government to arbitrarily demand that people with different experience and talent are paid the same in the name of “equality.”

They should be furious that they’re being fed nonsensical rhetoric that victimizes America’s working women while they are being robbed blind of opportunity and income by the federal government, and being told that they’re anti-woman if they don’t vote in favor of it. More than ever, women are following their entrepreneurial ambitions and refuse to be held back, but as the left insists that the minimum wage must be raised and that companies should be fined into oblivion for not using the right lightbulb, they’re struggling to thrive.

The real enemy of women isn’t the “wage gap” or the result of personal choice and free will, but policies that make it increasingly difficult for women to keep the money that they earn, or spend it as they see fit. When women aren’t allowed to make their own decisions or invest in their dreams at their own discretion, they suffer.

Taxes and regulation are hurting the average working woman more than her own life choices are, and they always will.



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