Why My Generation Needs To Ice The Bern

If you’re old enough not to vote and young enough to not entirely know how to do your taxes, you’re probably #feelingthebern along with the majority of your peers. And I don’t blame you. We’re repeatedly told by everyone around us that a college degree is mandatory if you ever want to amount to anything in life. So most of us go to college at the age of 18, gullible and eager with malleable minds, open to new experiences, people and even ideologies.


Unless you went to Hillsdale or Baylor, the likelihood is that the vast majority of your professors are liberals. While their views vary in degree and hostility, college professors are generally one of the most left leaning demographics, and it’s common practice for their teaching to reflect that. I can’t count the number of times that professors of non-political classes have taken time out of their lessons to bash “faux news,” mock Donald Trump, lecture about feminism, and defend #BlackLivesMatter activists. If you don’t believe me, head over to Campus Reform; a site literally dedicated to exposing liberal bias on American college campuses, with no shortage of examples. Ben Shapiro has also written a book on it (which I admittedly have yet to read).


We are forced into these institutions that are supposed to prepare us for careers in the fields of our choice, but more often than not we are being taught more than anything that we are victims, and that we are owed something to varying extents that depend on how “privileged” we are. Depending on how “marginalized” or “oppressed” we are according to liberal intellectuals, we are taught that our failures are someone else’s fault and that our successes aren’t our own. Our failures are a result of the system and our successes are the result of our privilege.


So it’s no wonder that thousands of millennials are flocking to socialism; to Bernie Sanders, and to Hillary Clinton, as they’ve been conditioned to see the world a certain way. A broken clock is right twice a day, but in the bigger picture, the left is hurting the country more than its helping.

They’ve cultivated a culture of entitlement, infantilism and fury almost too crazy to work. But somehow, kids that name their gender(s) after inanimate objects and nearly faint when someone disagrees with them find the energy to turn their campuses into riots and hold their administrations hostage while they shrillymakenonsensicaldemands. And frankly, I’m embarrassed.


We don’t have to be a generation of safe spaces and trigger warnings. We’re a talented, innovative, intelligent generation. And in a free market, that can be harnessed and utilized for real world solutions. Instead of pointless protests demanding a cancellation of student debt, we could look at the root of inflated college tuition, realize that government intervention is what got us in this mess in the first place, cut back on unnecessary programs and positions, and idk…not further paralyze the economy.


Instead of throwing votes at candidateswhothink that government can be used like windex to fix any and every problem, we should be supporting candidates that will reduce the size of government, so that they don’t have to keep inciting class warfare to fund it. Instead of hating a person for having more money than you and insisting that the government rob them, you could support someone that won’t tax and regulate businesses into the ground- and who knows; you might not have to work part time at Baby Gap for five years after you graduate, because business is allowed to thrive, and so is the creativity that defines this generation, meaning that your field might actually be hiring.

Or you can continue to support a large, incompetent government taking more control of your life and opportunities out of your future every day. Your call.




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