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#FrugalFriday: 5 Reasons You Should Be Shopping On eBay


Despite the fact that I’m 22 years old and nearing the end of my college career, and despite my failed attempt at bringing Greek life to my school, there’s an inner srat star in me that just refuses to die. If we’re being more technical, it’s probably more of a frat star considering my disdain for “open letters to my ex best friend and the boy who hurt me” and my affinity for dad shirts and visors. eBay is one of the most useful tools for resisting the beckoning call of adulthood and finding obscure 80s sweatshirts and Hawaiian shirts with motorcycles and American flags.


Need to decorate your living room? There’s something on eBay for that. Need a new summer wardrobe? There’s something on eBay for that. Need to throw a killer party without trying too hard or breaking the bank? There’s something on eBay for that. The sky’s the limit on what you can find in this mecca of online shopping.


Sometimes, a girl wants some new Lilly without having to wait until the infamous New Year’s or the end of summer sale, but can’t bring herself to justify buying a $300 dress for herself out of the blue. The solution? eBay! The trick is when buying discounted designer on eBay to make sure that the seller is reputable. This may come as a surprise to you, but a Chinese seller that just happens to have multiple sizes of the same discontinued dress is probably selling Lilee Pullitsher, not Lilly Pulitzer.


When you aren’t looking for one of your favorite name-brands for less, China and other inexpensive domestic sellers will be your best friends. There are legitimate stores on eBay selling on-trend clothes you’d pay at least 70% more for at popular brands like Tobi and Topshop.


There are few things more satisfying than watching an item up until the minutes it’s about to go off of the market, participating in a heated bidding war, and emerging victoriously with what everyone wanted. The only feeling that vaguely competes is getting a notification that your crush liked a picture from 92 weeks ago before they can unlike it and hope you didn’t see it.



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  • The most compliments I’ve ever gotten by far on a work dress and it was...$ Plato’s closet #yourfavecouldnever
  • They say Virginia is for lovers but between all the breweries and wineries I’m starting to think it’s for bougie alcoholics
  • Is that a border wall brick in ur pocket or are u just happy to see me
  • Another derby pic bc I’m finally living the life I was robbed of in college 🤷🏾‍♀️ Didn’t find my husband but didn’t lose my phone, keys or ID so I call it a win
  • I’m sure after this has been up for an hour I’ll finally think of the perfect caption
  • Didn’t bet on any horses but I found 5 girls in their 20s in DC that like making america great again, Lilly and day drinking so I guess I got a little lucky 🐎🤷🏾‍♀️
  • Avocadon’t talk to me until this week is over 🙃💩
  • When dumbass 17 year old you makes a decision that slightly less dumbass 24 year old you actually doesn’t regret >>>>>>
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