First Brunch of the Season: Met Back Bay


My biggest brunch dilemma is always trying to choose between sweet and savory. Overwhelmed with my options, I asked the waitress for her input, and she convinced me to get their Nutella French Toast. It tastes far better than it looks (that’s what she said). Seriously, that french toast was heavenly.


I don’t know what convinced me to spend $20 on an over the top Bloody Mary knowing that I can barely afford a beer, but by some bizarre logic I was able to convince myself that putting an oyster, olives and bacon was essential to my experience. But in my defense, I could have opted for the lobster and mini burger, so in a way, I was being responsible. The drink took a while to make, and I ended up chugging it so I didn’t hold up my table. The waitress judged me preeettttty hard.




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