Don’t Cry Because They Judged You Cry Because You’re An Idiot

As more and more people in the world accept and indulge in a culture of denying responsibility for their actions, “don’t judge me” becomes that much more offensive a phrase to me. While I believe that everyone is more than the mistakes they’ve made, and that people should try their best to see the best in people, I deplore the “don’t judge me” mentality.


Looking back on the last two decades of my life, I’ve been so, so stupid. I can’t help but shake my head at some of the choices I’ve made. I’m not proud of them, but I’m happy I made them because as cliche as it sounds, they made me who I am today.


But for me to demand that people have no opinion on the idiocy of my past or pretend that they never happened because, like, ya know everyone makes mistakes and everyone has those dayzzz, would be explicitly juvenile on my part. I think that the people that have a problem with being judged are insecure and haven’t yet held themselves accountable.


And let’s be clear; guilt and accountability are not the same thing. A woman can feel guilty for sleeping with a married man, but if she’s making excuses about the fact that “he’s not happy with his wife” or that “he pursued her,” she isn’t holding herself accountable for the fact that she’s knowingly and willfully participating in the desecration of a sacred union.


All actions have consequences, and it’s both unrealistic and immature to expect a life free from scrutiny. When you’re proud of the person that you are, the opinions of others aren’t of great concern, so reevaluate the relationship you have with yourself if you find yourself consumed with what everyone thinks of you.


I’m not saying that questionable behavior makes you a bad person, but before you post a laughably dramatic quote over a picture of a flower on instagram, realize that if you ever want to be taken seriously as an adult you need to stop whining at society every time YOU make a mistake.




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