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5 Last Minute Cinco de Mayo Plans in Boston

I’ve been back in Boston for about a month now, and honestly, I hate it. I don’t have any friends here and it just can’t compete with New York or D.C. It’s a very small, boring city that basically shuts down at midnight like a sad Cinderella adaptation. We just got Uber Eats here like a week ago, and they don’t even deliver to my house yet. Maybe I’ll be less critical when I get a job, but for now, I’m not a happy camper. All this to say that finding decent plans in the city isn’t always easy. But these are five Cinco de Mayo events happening around the hub today that might not completely blow chunks.

Feeling basic? Lawn on D.

Starting Thursday, the ever Instagrammed Lawn on D began hosting 4 day celebration of everyone’s favorite excuse to drink tequila and get belligerent. Thursday is obviously over, but you still have the opportunity to wait in an obnoxiously long line for a picture in a swing for three more nights. Arriba!


Feeling degenerate? Bar Crawl

There is nothing that puts people’s tolerances to the test like a good old fashioned bar crawl. Bar crawls are really the pinnacle of the modern world. People wear ridiculous costumes, start drinking at ridiculous hours and keep drinking for ridiculously long times. They hold a special place in my heart. On Saturday there will be a bar crawl in Fanuiel Hall that starts at noon. If you’re thinking about it, hurry up and get your tickets because there aren’t a lot left. These are the bars participating: An Tain, Wild Rover, Hong Kong, Sissy K’s, The Point, Blackstone Grille, and Mija Cantina. If there’s anything that tells you it’s that it’s going to be one ratchet evening.


Feeling like you wanna boot and rally? Howl at the Moon

Howl At The Moon was an all-time favorite among my friends in college, not because it was that great, but because my friends kept winning discounted drinks and free food there on Thursday nights. And like any broke college kids, we took full advantage of this and got drunk beyond a point of recognition or reconciliation almost every time we went there. On the night of Cinco de Mayo they will be on theme, and are offering free cover to anyone that dresses on theme as well.


Feeling Jewish? There’s a Cinco de Mayo Shabbat dinner!

The Jewish people hold a very special place in my heart. My best guy friend is Jewish, and I would literally risk it all for young Bibi. Like, seriously. Have you seen him in his IDF days? Unreal. They’re also a very lit people. Who else would have a tequila tasting at a religious dinner? Tonight from 6-9 get your Jew on and get your Mexico on at the same damn time.


Feeling extra festive? La Piragua

La Piragua is so south of the border that their event description is in Spanish, so if you’re trying to go for the authentic Mexican experience (I mean, as authentic as you can get when most Mexicans don’t even care about this holiday) this is your place. Tonight at 10, it’s going down in Cambridge.



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